The description of TELLINGBOOK

1. Quality: Use of variety of media and technology resources for directed and independent reading.
Viewing: Rich illustrations done by famous children book illustrators.
Animated features to engage young readers (2-8) and carefully controlled animations to provide a more traditional reading environment for young adults (10-15)
Listening: Inspiring and captivating soundtracks deliberately created to improve concentration and stimulate active reading.
Binaural beats within soundtracks to help induce relaxation, creativity and concentration while reading.
Narration and voice acting done by well-known storytellers and voice actors.
Reading: Variety of stories taken from famous classic authors and new rising authors.
Ivy League graduate students deliberately edited stories for easier comprehension and betterment of literature quality.
Carefully designed in-text alignment to promote easier reading, comprehension and engagement.

2. Quantity: 1500+ Multimedia Enriched Digital Books (expanding library)
500+ Multilanguage feature (two-by-two language selection – English- Korean, English-Spanish, English-Chinese, etc.)
3. Distribution: Direct B2C distribution via app and web.
B2B Contact open via web
B2B2C Join ventures with differing market franchise to promote and distribute globally.

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