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*** SCIENCE HAS FINALLY PROVEN: Thoughts create reality! ***

+++ The first App in the world that helps you to use the power of your thoughts! +++

Every day the human brain processes more than 60,000 thoughts. 60,000 thoughts that determine your life. 60,000 thoughts that - intentionally or not - create reality day by day.

SkyApps are sets of 12 high-vibrating thoughts. They guide you to actively shape your thoughts, your feelings, your body and finally your entire life reality. Using SkyApps, you become the director in your life.

SkyApps provide you with specific advice in the field of beauty. SkyApps take you through the most important issues of your health. They are your escort in matters of the heart. SkyApps offer you guidance in your job, your business and in your financial affairs. SkyApps show you the way to turn your problems into opportunities.

Download SkyApps, make your choice from one of the categories below and select the topic that actually matters most to you.

If you want to overcome illness or recover from an injury, select SkyApp-HEALTHY.
If you want to achieve new levels in sports, select SkyApp-CHAMPION.
If you want to quit smoking, select SkyApp-SMOKEFREE.
If you want to overcome an addiction, select SkyApp-HOOKFREE.

If you want to establish a loving relationship with your partner, select SkyApp-INLOVE.
If you want to establish a rich and harmonic family life, select SkyApp-FAMILY.
If you want to build successful friendships, select SkyApp-FRIENDS.
If you want to get ready for the partner of your dreams, select SkyApp-DREAMPARTNER.

If you want to shape your body, select SkyApp-PERFECTBODY.
If you want to make your hair rich and full, select SkyApp-BEAUTYfullHAIR.

If you want to promote your professional carrier, select SkyApp-CARRIER.
If you want to establish a successful business, select SkyApp-BUSINESS.
If you want to promote your financial situation, select SkyApp-FINANCIALS.

If you want to develop your personality, select SkyApp-SPIRIT.
If you want to be free, select SkyApp-FORGIVEN.

And especially for young folks up to the age of sixteen:

If you want to unleash your full potential within your life, select SkyApp-IAMwhatIAM. (We make donations for specific and charitable purposes. 50% of the sales revenues of SkyApp-IAMwhatIAM is donated to local children’s charities.)

Accessible on your mobile wherever you go, SkyApp are your mobile coach. They save your day in times of trouble whether you are at home or on the go, at work, at school or at university.

Application examples:
+ How to get / find a boyfriend/girlfriend - SkyApp-DREAMPARTNER
+ How to attract guys / women fast - SkyApp-DREAMPARTER
+ How to be happy, how to be confident - SkyApp-SPIRIT
+ How to build muscle - SkyApp-CHAMPION
+ How to become rich / a millionaire / earn money - SkyApp-FINANCE
+ How to build self-esteem - SkyApp-SPIRIT and IAMwhatIAM
+ How to concentrate / to exercise - SkyApp-CHAMPION
+ How to do magic - any of our SkyApps
+ How to hairstyles - SkyApp-BEAUTYfullHAIR
+ How to do real yoga / meditation - SkyApp-SPIRIT
+ How to eliminate negative thinking - any of our SkyApps
+ How to find the special woman / man - SkyApp-DREAMPARTNER
+ How to gain weight - SkyApp-PERFECTBODY
+ How to gain muscles - SkyApp-CHAMPION
+ How to increase energy - any of our SkyApps
+ How to lose weight fast - SkyApp-PERFECTBODY
+ How to start your own business - SkyApp-BUSINESS
+ How to overcome shyness - any of our SkyApps
+ How to get fit fast - SkyApp-CHAMPION
+ many more!

SkyApps are your loyal companion in all areas of life. The strengthen your mental and physical abilities. They support you to develop yourself. They are your personal advisor to live the life you want.

Applying SkyApps every day is a highly rewarding pleasure. They are applicable to any personal situation. This makes SkyApps unique in the world!

SkyApps - your mobile coach for a better life!
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