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Uplive-Live Stream, Go Live иконка

8.8 131 Отзывы

9.9.3 by Asia Innovations HK Limited


Oписание Uplive-Live Stream, Go Live

Watch live streams 24/7. Interact with others through live chat or video chat.

Uplive - Virtual Streaming

Uplive - Live Virtual Chats, Games, Friends

Are you a fan of singing and dancing or do you prefer to join a relaxing chat and share a few stories with a couple of friends? Uplive can offer you exactly that and so much more!

With our unlimited selection of livestreams, you will always find something new and exciting. Join video or audio streams, send gifts, interact with Hosts and have fun. Start your own Virtual Stream and show everyone a whole other side of you.

Why join Uplive?

- Livestreaming is everyone's exciting new hobby! Want to try it yourself? Come to Uplive: try out your karaoke skills, start a video or audio stream, dance to your favorite song or try your luck at any of our beautiful mini-games.

- Stream and battle with friends to see who gets the most likes. Find your fans on Uplive!

- Get to know the most exciting Hosts. Watch streams from every country on the planet, chat with Hosts you like, send them various exciting gifts and see how they respond. Install Uplive and explore the world!

What type of streams does Uplive offer?

Watch a whole variety of streams. Missing school days? Check out the exciting everyday life of college students - what songs are most popular, what outfits are trending, what games is everyone playing. Watch streams and be on top of trends on Uplive!

What type of Hosts does Uplive offer?

Internet celebrities, make-up artists, professional singers and dancers - find them all on Uplive!

💯 Features:💯

🎥 Virtual Streaming

All new virtual experience! Create your unique new avatar - choose your facial features, your outfit, your style, be whatever you want to be! Set your background, find your dance moves and take the stage. Start a virtual stream, with an avatar that mimics all your expressions - wink, smile, laugh - try it now!

🎥 24/7 Live Streams

Singers, dancers, make up artists, social media gurus - Uplive has it all! Come and find your favorite one!

Can't sleep? Check out what the rest of the world is doing - watch streams 24/7!

🎥 Friends From All Around The World

Chat with fans from different countries and different time zones, get to know new languages and cultures.

🎥 Audio & Video Party Rooms

Invite up to 9 friends in your Party Room, play games, sing songs or roast each other. Have fun on Uplive!

🎥 Audio Rooms

Chat with friends and strangers, share your thoughts on any topic - gaming, everyday life, tv shows and more.

🎥 Live Battles

Want your idol to win? Support them, send gifts to your favorite Hosts during live battles and see their score skyrocket!

🎥 Friends Near You

Share streams and videos, text and meet the most unexpected friends nearby!

Join Uplive and experience the best quality Virtual Streaming on the market!

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Website: https://up.live

We always strive to improve, if you have any questions, please contact us!

Wish to collaborate? Email us at marketingall@asiainnovations.com

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Last updated on 02/06/2024

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Требуемая версия Android

Android 5.0+

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