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Oписание Drony


Вы должны прокси аутентификацию о неприменении корни андроид устройства?Брандмауэр трафика?

★ Root NOT needed ★

Proxy that can operate with proxy authentications.

Android OS has just proxy with no authentication.

So this app can help you with your corporate/university/school network environment.

Supports digest, windows (ntlm), basic authentication. HTTP,HTTPS,SOCKS4a,SOCKS5 type of proxies.

Drony will start if wifi appears that has proxy set on same port that is used in Drony to listen.

Drony will stop when that wifi is no longer active.

-can be used with adblockplus

-can be used with local SOCKS proxies, builtin shadowsocks tunnel


-support for multiple network configurations

-pac/wpad proxy script support http://code.google.com/p/sandrop/wiki/HowToUseDronyWithScriptProxy

-local networks name resolver http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=8030

- tab FILTER where you can see apps that are making requests and perform filter actions

- actions deny, allow, direct (no proxy), local proxy chain

- default filter behaviour : deny all, allow all, direct all, local proxy chain all

- filter by network or for all networks

- filter can be on client ip, application, hostname part, port, method

- tab CONNECTIONS where you can see which apps makes traffic, details about all connections



If you need more options, features check SandroProxy. It's more a developer tool for intercepting traffic.


How to connect to another proxy example:


Beta testing group:


XDA thread:


Admin settings wizard:


For dns Drony is using two open source programs:

dnscrypt-proxy: https://github.com/SuppSandroB/dnscrypt-proxy/tree/android_jni

pdnsd : https://github.com/SuppSandroB/shadowsocks-android

shadowsocks : https://github.com/SuppSandroB/shadowsocks-android

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

Что нового в последней версии 1.3.154

Last updated on 03/11/2019

1.3.154 - hotfix crash on sorting wifi list
1.3.152 - support for android 10. New permissions needed. Location and write storage.
1.3.151 - hotfix refund after 3 days
1.3.150 - hotfix crash on first install
1.3.146 - payments for ads free app; subscription per month and one time payment
1.3.129 - rewarded ads; you get 7 starts without full screen ad; Settings->Ad Rewards
1.3.108 shadowsocks feature; drony can make shadowsocks tunnels
1.3.103 dns https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kyc0Nw58rkE

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Дополнительная информация о Приложения

Последняя версия

Запросить Drony обновление 1.3.154


Khoder Hazim

Требуемая версия Android

Android 4.1+


Drony Скриншоты

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