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GPT-4o vs GPT-4: How to Choose And More You Should Know

GPT-4o, Open AI's new flagship model, aims to enhance human-computer interaction by processing text, audio, image, and video inputs to generate corresponding outputs efficiently.

By Molly Reagan



Official ChatGPT apk by OpenAI - Your intelligent writing assistant, idea generator & search engine.





    • Everyone Can Use: GPT-4o is now freely available to everyone. Users can access the GPT store for free.
    • No Need for Sign-up: GPT-4o is now available without the signup flow.
    • More Upcoming Soon: More new capabilities will roll out iteratively over the next few weeks.
    • New Desktop Version Released: A desktop version was released along with GPT-4o on May 13th as well.
    • What's New: Larger context window, refreshed UI, cheaper pricing, faster speed, higher rate limits, upgraded voice, visual, and audio performances.

    Watch the GPT-4o March 13th Live Stream to see demo representation for new capabilities:

    DQacCB9tDaw image

    GPT-4o: Release Date

    OpenAI unveiled the GPT-4o model on May 13, 2024, through a video announcement on the X (Twitter) platform. The model, capable of real-time reasoning across audio, vision, and text, initially offers text and image input features in the API and ChatGPT, with voice and video functionalities to follow soon.

    GPT-4o: What's New

    This model boasts quick audio responses, improved multilingual text capabilities, and heightened vision and audio comprehension. Unlike its predecessors that employed a separate model pipeline for voice interactions, GPT-4o integrates all modalities into a single neural network. This integration paves the way for enhanced natural communication by enabling a holistic approach to data processing. Despite its advancements, GPT-4o is still undergoing exploration to fully understand its potential and constraints, marking a significant stride in AI technology.

    GPT-4 vs GPT-4o: How to Choose

    When deciding between OpenAI language models like GPT-3.5, GPT-4, and GPT-4 Turbo vs. GPT-4o, understanding their distinctions is crucial for aligning with your organization's requirements.

    Here are the key differences between 4 gpt choices: GPT-3.5, GPT-4 and GPT-4 Turbo and GPT-4o:

    Read Also:

    ChatGPT APK

    Official ChatGPT apk by OpenAI - Your intelligent writing assistant, idea generator & search engine.



    Stay tuned to learn more about GPT-4o!

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