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Best Weight Loss Programs in 2024

If you're struggling to find an effective weight loss method, check out these weight loss programs that offer structure through prepackaged foods, meal plans, trackers, and individual support.

By Lori Melton


Finding the right program can make a significant difference. Here are four of the best weight loss programs in 2024, according to Forbes: WeightWatchers, Noom Weight Loss & Health, Mayo Clinic, and Found.


    1. WeightWatchers

    WeightWatchers focuses on helping individuals develop sustainable, healthy habits for life. The program offers app features, programs, and services to make the weight-loss journey easier. It is recommended by health experts and provides tailored plans for diabetes management. The app includes a barcode scanner for easy tracking and has a robust social network of members.

    Cost: Starts at $23 per month for 10 months (price varies depending on monthly plan)

    -Offers diabetes-tailored plans
    -Includes barcode scanner for easy tracking of pre-packaged items
    -Robust social network supported
    -Customers may need to invest a little time and effort to get used to the Point system
    -Constant food tracking may not work on some devices

    2. Noom Weight Loss & Health

    Noom takes a comprehensive approach to weight loss, helping users understand their relationship with food, nutrition, and calories. It offers daily lessons rooted in psychology and provides support groups for accountability. The program includes food and water trackers, as well as a step counter.

    Noom: Weight Loss & Health APK

    Looking to take control of your health? Our psychology-based programs can help.

    Health & Fitness

    Health & Fitness

    Cost: Starts at $42.25 per month, 16-week plan

    -Daily psychology-based lessons
    -Support groups for accountability
    -Food/water trackers
    -Step counter
    -Monthly price may be high for some
    -No specific meal plan or eating style recommendation

    3. Mayo Clinic

    The Mayo Clinic app connects users to the renowned Mayo Clinic, offering practical tools and access to reliable health information. The app allows users to track health information, schedule appointments, and receive personalized advice from top doctors and experts. Mayo Clinic's program includes a quick start phase for initial weight loss and at-home workouts.

    Mayo Clinic APK

    Your source for on-the-go, anytime access to Mayo Clinic expertise.



    Cost: $19.99 per month, 12-month plan. (price varies depending on monthly plan

    -Get quick weight loss with this app, 6 to 10 pounds in 2 weeks.
    -At-home workouts included without the need for equipment.
    -In-app Habit Optimizer to promote healthy habit formation.
    -May feel a little bit restrictive, due to the elimination of processed sugar, dining out, and alcohol.
    -A commitment of 12 weeks is required.

    4. Found

    Found emphasizes a holistic approach to weight care, considering biological, psychological, and environmental factors. The program offers coaching from certified clinicians, health coaches, dietitians, and weight loss experts. Found members may be prescribed weight loss medications if appropriate. The app allows users to track routines, reflect on progress, and communicate with health coaches.

    Cost: $129/month (monthly subscription), $99/month (yearly subscription)

    -Comprehensive approach to weight loss, considering biological, psychological, and environmental factors.
    -Access to coaching from a diverse range of certified clinicians, dietitians, and weight loss experts.
    -Possibility of being prescribed weight loss medications by healthcare providers.
    -Lack of clear pricing and plan length information on the website, requiring users to take a quiz and proceed to the checkout page for details.
    -Only available as an online service, with no option for in-person visits with weight loss clinicians.

    Choosing the right weight loss program depends on individual needs and goals. These programs offer different features and approaches, allowing individuals to find the one that suits them best. It's essential to carefully review the costs, plan lengths, and highlighted features to determine which program aligns with personal preferences and requirements. Consult with healthcare professionals for guidance and support in selecting the most suitable weight loss program.

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