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APEX M Review: A Complete Different Gaming Experience with PC Version

Differences between Apex M and Apex PC.

By July Baker


Apex Legends Mobile APK

Squad up & fight to survive in the next evolution of multiplayer battle royale!

HypercasualAction Strategy

HypercasualAction Strategy

Battle royale games are so popular over the years, from H1Z1 at the beginning, to PUBG, Fortnite, Eternal Calamity, and Apex. Almost every FPS game has a battle royale mode and this trend has also spread to FPS mobile games. Various popular FPS PC games have gradually launched the mobile version. Fortnite is the very first to launch a mobile version, and all the games like Apex also start launching a mobile version. I am usually not a big fan of Apex until I tried the mobile version. I am going to share my experience here, for those who are interested, will have more understanding.

I am going to compare the difference between the mobile and PC versions. Please let me know if there is any mistake since the PC version is based on some of my old memories.


    Game Content

    The content of Apex M is almost the same as Apex. Both are basically free of charge but the player has to spend on some elements. Besides, both games' gameplay way is mainly the battle royale game mode. A group of three with some other characters, each of them has its own abilities and can be roughly divided into four character categories: intelligence, support, meat shield, and attack. The ranking that was added in the second season of the PC version and the competition system in the ninth season of the PC version were launched earlier in the mobile version.

    TPS mode was only presented as a bonus in the PC version, and it becomes a normal mode in the mobile version. It’s as same as PUBG in that the first person cannot be switched to the third person in the game, only the third person can be switched to the first person.


    Apex's original characters have all appeared in Apex M but in a different sequence. For example, Roba was released recently but it will release in the fifth season in the PC version. In addition, the mobile version also has some exclusive characters, Tanying, who is an offensive character with retrospective ability and field control skills. I’m looking forward to the upcoming exclusive characters of the mobile version.


    The game features of the mobile version are as same as the computer version, but the developer has made some changes in order to adapt to be more convenient for the mobile version players. For example, many automatic functions have been added to UI, such as the function of automatically marking items and enemies, and automatically picking up function. The game is more simplified in the mobile version.

    At the same time, some graphic icon has also been added. For example, the icon of bullets will be displayed on the screen also when an enemy fires. Players can judge the movement of the enemy not only through sound effects but also through the display of graphic icons. It lowers the threshold of position recognition ability that could only be achieved by high-quality headphones in the past. At the same time, it also has the mobile phone gyroscope and custom key layout function, and also supports handle operation.

    In-game Purchase

    Finally, let's talk about the in-game purchase. The game is free to play but you have to spend money on buying different access passes, characters, appearances, and weapons. There are 9 characters at the beginning of the game, including Octane who have to purchase them on the PC version. All the upcoming characters can only be obtained by completing the seasonal tasks in the game or recharging Syndicate Gold. To conclude, players don't need to spend any money on enjoying the game.

    The above is the comparison between Apex M and Apex PC versions and the experience of playing. Although Apex M is not better than the PC version in terms of graphic quality due to hardware limitations, there's some new content and players can play it anytime, as well as simpler operations. Highly recommend the mobile version for those who want to play the games with friends anytime.

    Apex Legends Mobile APK

    Squad up & fight to survive in the next evolution of multiplayer battle royale!

    HypercasualAction Strategy

    HypercasualAction Strategy

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