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Apex Legends Mobile Review: A King Lands on Your Phone

Is Apex Legends Mobile the new king of mobile shooters? Our reviewer dives in to see if it captures the magic of the original and how it plays on your phone.

By Bernadine Wisoky



    Introduction to Apex Legends Mobile

    Apex Legends took the world by storm in 2019, and now it's dropped onto your phone. Does Apex Legends Mobile live up to the hype, or is it a watered-down port? We downloaded, pinged, and battled our way through the game to give you the lowdown.

    Apex Legends Mobile APK

    Squad up & fight to survive in the next evolution of multiplayer battle royale!

    HypercasualAction Strategy

    HypercasualAction Strategy

    Bringing the Legend to Mobile: Gameplay on the Go

    The core gameplay of Apex Legends translates surprisingly well to mobile. You'll find the same fast-paced action, unique Legends with powerful abilities, and strategic squad play that made the original great. The movement controls take some getting used to, but the customizable layouts and optional gamepad support help bridge the gap between PC/console and mobile.

    Newcomers Welcome (and Veterans Beware?): Learning the Ropes

    One of the biggest wins for Apex Legends Mobile is its accessibility. A revamped tutorial smoothly introduces new players to the world and its mechanics. However, veterans might find aiming and looting a bit clunkier compared to the original. The good news is that the core depth and strategy remain, making for a high skill ceiling to master.

    Free to Play, But is it Pay to Win? Monetization Breakdown

    Apex Legends Mobile follows the now-standard free-to-play model with optional in-app purchases. You can unlock new Legends and cosmetics by grinding or spending real money. Thankfully, the core gameplay experience feels balanced, and nothing feels locked behind a paywall.

    Verdict: Clutch or Kicked?

    Apex Legends Mobile is a strong contender for the top mobile battle royale spot. It retains the core elements that made the original great while offering intuitive mobile controls and a smooth learning curve. While veterans might need to adjust, the accessible features make it a great entry point for newcomers. With its free-to-play approach and focus on balanced gameplay, Apex Legends Mobile is a must-download for any mobile shooter fan.

    Apex Legends Mobile APK

    Squad up & fight to survive in the next evolution of multiplayer battle royale!

    HypercasualAction Strategy

    HypercasualAction Strategy

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