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First the installer will inspect the project area. Then the installer will do the pool fence layout Using customade templates that aide in marking the precise line of the fence,this will indicate the shape of the fence on the surface of the pool deck.The gate placement is the most important component of the fence layout. This is usually done in conjunction with where the steps are located to enter and exist the pool, but not always. Because the gate entrance is such a high traffic area you may choose to install the gate in another area away from your entertaining, lounging, as well as your cooking areas.

Next, using a grease pencil the installer will lay down the final marks that will be cored out ( not drilled ). Using a high speed coring rig the installer will core out the the holes that will eventually hold the pool fence poles. When done properly each of the cored holes will have a slight degree of lean either towards or away from the pool and each pole respectfully,this is done to insure the proper amount of tension for the installation of the fence. Once the holes have been cut and the actual cores have been removed the installer will wash off any sentiment and clear out any debris such as sand, dirt,pebbles or small pieces of the core that were left behind by the coring rig. Then using a large rubber mallet the pole sleeves are inserted into the holes and seated.Now the fence is ready to be set into place. The installer will inspect each pole as well as the weave of each the fence panels making sure that only the finest quality pool fence will be used in your installation. Next the installer will check the leans and the angles of the fence making the necessary adjustments to insure that the tension will be adequate.

Before each fence section can be connected to each other the gate must be assembled and installed and set into place. Once the gate is in place the installer will then connect all of the fence sections making sure once again of the proper leans and angles that will set the tension and create the final shape of the fence are in place and are correct.The fence area will then be inspected and policed of any and all debris, tools, trash and given one more final wash and sweeping to insure a great looking removable pool fence!!!

Some time ago I wrote an article on buying a removable safety pool fence. It was very well received and I was pleased with the readership of the article. However after receiving a few emails. I realized that I may have left a few minor details unanswered. Because the cost of the fence is quite high I feel that the subject should be given more attention.

First let us think about the possibility that without guidance it quite possible a pool fence of lesser quality could be purchased. Remember, knowledge is king.

Lets start with the pool fence companies. Always check out the local companies that are available in your area. It is recommended that you do not buy a fence from a company that is more than one hundred miles from your home, the reason being that should you to need service or repairs you will need them now not next week.Which brings up a good point. Check out how far away the pool fence company is by use of phone numbers and the address on printed materials. Scan websites for clues as to where the home base of the fence co. is located. You will find that some pool fence companies are pretty slick at hiding where they are really located.

Some do not have employee installers, they use installers who in some cases don't have workers compensation insurance. they are called independent contractors. They are often paid cash by the pool fence company and are here today and gone tomorrow.

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