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Ramadan Timings or Calendar is just not another app, but it has great utility with convenience and a friendly layout.Easy to use and a single screen which gives view of five cities of a country’s Sahar and Iftaar timings, ideal to share with friends and the best for frequent travelers. We have compiled information about thirty five (35) different cities of the world and their Ramadhan (Ramzan) Schedule.

Muslims in Denmark will observe the longest fasting period in the world for 21 hours and in U.K it is 19 hour stretch depending upon location, those in Argentina will fast the least number of hours 9 hours and 30 minutes BBC reported.As per the global map other countries with long fasting hours include Iceland, Sweden and Norway of about 20 hours.The Netherlands and Belgium with 18 hours and 30 minutes Spain 17 hours and 30 minutes while England and Germany at 16 hours and 30 minutes. Those in the US, France and Italy will fast for 16 hours. Besides Argentina, where Muslims will fast for the least number of hours Australia will observe fast for 10 hours South Africa 10 hours and 30 minutes Brazil 11 hours Mexico 13 hours and 20 minutes this Ramadan.

The Indian subcontinent along with the Arab states will observe medium fasting hours, which vary from a lower limit of 14 hours to a maximum of 16 and a half time of days.In Pakistan Muslims will observe fasting for about 15 16 hours, whereas in India fasting hours during this year’s Ramadan will be approximately 14 hours and 30 minutes. In Pakistan capital Islamabad where Fajr prayers are scheduled at 03 16am and Magrib at 07 14 pm on the first week of June when Ramadan begins this year fasting hours will be approximately 16 hours.Bangladesh will fast hours of about 15 hours. In capital Dhaka Fajr prayers in the first week of June is at 03 45 am and Maghrib at 06 42 pm.Those in Egypt will be fast up to 16 and a half hours and people in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia Tunisia and Palestine for 15 hours.

Tabuk and Haql cities in Saudi Arabia will have the long fasting hours that are 15 hours and 30 minutes.The fasting time will be 15 hours and 18 minutes in Dammam while it will be 15 hours and eight minutes in Riyadh.In Yemen fasting period will be 14 hours and 50 minutes in Qatar 14hours and 40 minutes Kuwait Iraq Jordan Syria and Algeria Morocco and Libya Sudan will observe 14 hours.

According to the astrologers the northern hemisphere will observe not only the longest fasting period, but also the most heat in at least 33 years during this Ramadan.This year’s Ramadan is also said to be the hottest in recent history as most of the world is under scorching heat.

Muslims from different parts of the world carry out their routines according to Sahar and Iftaar timings and remains conscious about Prayers ( Namaz, Taraveeh) time. Get the best utilization of this schedule which features:

- Your area Sahar and Iftaar time
- Single Screen View of different cities timings
- Easy to share with your friend, relative living in other city/country
- Ideal for frequent travelers

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