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1.0.1 by Prince Elias

Jun 18, 2024

Over tapswap community

You can now get coins via tapswap community!

TapSwap Community is a dynamic lifestyle application accessible on Android devices, designed to incentivize user participation through the earning of coins. The app encourages users to take part in a variety of activities including filling out surveys, viewing videos, and engaging in special offers. As users accumulate coins, they can redeem them for various rewards or trade them for other perks within the app.

TapSwap Features


Integrated within Telegram, TapSwap requires no downloads or complex setups, making it easily accessible to a broad user base.

Simple, Addictive Gameplay:

The core mechanic of tapping the screen is easy to understand, perfect for beginners curious about crypto.

Tap-to-Earn Model:

Players earn TAPS tokens through gameplay, making earning crypto engaging and rewarding.

Mobile-First Experience:

Designed for mobile users, TapSwap integrates seamlessly into daily routines, allowing gameplay on the go.

Large and Active Community:

TapSwap's massive Telegram user base fosters community, enabling users to share tips and stay updated.

TapSwap Gameplay

Core Mechanic: 

Tap on your mobile screen to mine TapSwap shares, constrained by a regenerative energy system that limits incessant tapping. To optimize mining without wasting energy, regular log-ins are essential.

Daily Bonuses: 

1. Taping Guru: 20 seconds of unlimited energy for tapping, with each tap yielding five times the typical shares.

2. Full Tank: Instantly replenishes your energy, enabling continued tapping with no wait.

Additional Boosters: Engage in promotional activities like following social media or watching YouTube videos to earn extra shares.

Referral Bonuses: Earn 2,500 shares for each new player you refer, plus additional shares based on their activity levels. This robust scheme fosters a vibrant community engaged in continuous growth.

Wat is er nieuw in de nieuwste versie 1.0.1

Last updated on Jun 18, 2024

app 1.

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Android 5.1+

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tapswap community Artikelen

tapswap community FAQ

What is TapSwap?

TapSwap, a mobile game integrated within the Telegram app, follows a tap-to-earn model. By continuously tapping the screen and engaging in game activities, players accumulate TAPS shares, which are set to be convertible into tradable TAPS tokens during a designated event.

Is it free to play TapSwap?

TapSwap can be downloaded and played for free. However, certain optional in-game features might require additional expenditure.

How to use TapSwap?

To begin using TapSwap, access the TapSwap Telegram bot on your smartphone. Open the game by clicking on it, and start playing by pressing the main button repeatedly until you've reached the energy cap, preventing further coin earnings.

Is TapSwap safe to use?

When using any Telegram mini-app like TapSwap, your IP address and basic device info may be accessed by the developers. Always exercise caution and thoroughly assess the safety of your personal data before use.

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