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Squad Busters Summer Update: New World, Characters, Skins, and More

Discover the latest Squad Busters update featuring a new world, characters, skins, and exciting events. Get all the details here!

By Rubye Fritsch


The latest update for Squad Busters, a popular game developed by Supercell, has brought a plethora of new features and content that are sure to excite players. This update, which follows the game's successful global launch on May 29, 2024, introduces a new world, new characters, skins, and a variety of events that will keep players engaged. In this article, we will delve into the details of the new update, including the Ice World, new characters, battle mods, and upcoming events.

Squad Busters APK

Squad up! Dive into the chaotic world of Squad Busters!




    New World: Ice World

    Squad Busters version 50261004 introduces the Ice World, a new world that players can access after reaching the Desert World. This new world is available for a week and offers players the opportunity to unlock new characters and participate in the Ice World Sneak Peek event. During this event, players can earn reward chests, including the ultimate Ice World chest, which guarantees a new Ice World character. After the event, the Ice World will be moved to the end of the squad journey at level 90, making it a limited-time opportunity to unlock these new features early.

    HBPhlzUSHyY image

    New Characters and Spells

    The Ice World update brings three new characters and two new spells to Squad Busters. The new characters include:

    • Ice Wizard: An attacking character that drops frosty ice balls on enemies, reducing their attack speed. His Super Freeze spell is a more powerful version of the normal Freeze spell.
    • Dr. T: A defender character with high hit points and moderate damage. He can summon a Mega Crab that deals significant damage to enemies.
    • Jessie: An attacking character who can deploy a Turret to deal damage to enemy squads. Her Super form allows her to place the Turret anywhere on the map.
    • Bandit: A limited-time character that releases gems when she appears from a chest. She can be unlocked by collecting gem pouches during matches.

    New Game Modes

    The Ice World update also introduces four new battle mods that add new dynamics to the game. These battle mods are:

    • Super Ice Spirits: Giant ice spirits jump around the map, attacking squad characters.
    • Golem Meteors: Big golems covered with gems drop from the sky, providing additional gems when defeated.
    • 1-Coin Chests: All in-battle chest prices are reduced to one coin, allowing players to build large squad armies.
    • Gem Hot Pot: A large pot of gems appears on the map, granting instant gems to the squad that picks it up first.

    Upcoming Events and Skins

    The update also teases exciting events and skins for the upcoming months:

    • July Updates: The Beach Party season introduces two MEGAs: Beach Royale King and Sunburn Barbarian MEGA. New skins for characters like Mavis, Ninja Goblin, and Origami Barbarian King will also be available.
    • August Updates: Players can look forward to the Street Trader MEGA and Fast Food Tank MEGA.

    In conclusion, the latest Squad Busters update brings a wealth of new content and features that enhance the gaming experience. From the introduction of the Ice World and new characters to exciting battle mods and upcoming events, players are looking forward to this popular game. Stay tuned for more updates and events as Squad Busters continues to evolve, offering new challenges and rewards for players.

    Squad Busters APK

    Squad up! Dive into the chaotic world of Squad Busters!



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