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Samsung Galaxy Ring Teased: Release Date, Features, Price and More

Samsung teases Galaxy Ring - A new product that is more intelligent and lightweight than the smartwatch health tracker.

By Lori Melton


Samsung Health APK

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Health & Fitness

Health & Fitness

Samsung is setting a new trend for wearable health tracking technology with its latest teaser for the "Galaxy Ring," showcased at its noteworthy Unpacked event on January 17. In a move that expands beyond wrist-worn fitness bands and smartwatches, this South Korean tech magnate is carving a niche in the digital wellness space, promising innovative capabilities for health enthusiasts with a flair for tech-savviness and convenience.



    Here's everything we know about the Samsung Galaxy Ring:

    • Samsung Galaxy Ring - A wearable health tracker with a smaller size (that you wear on your finger) and much more intelligent features than the Samsung smartwatch.
    • Its official launch date has not been revealed by Samsung yet. However, there's a rumor that this new product is expected to be released in Q3 2024.
    • How much is the Samsung Galaxy Ring? Well, there are some speculations about the price of this new product and it's expected not to cost more than $300.
    • Possible features have been teased in the official trailer, including heart rate monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, atrial fibrillation (aFib) detection, intelligent sleep apnea detection, and much more.

    What is the Samsung Galaxy Ring

    During the recent Unpacked event, Samsung gave the tech world a first glimpse of the Galaxy Ring—a smart health tracker designed to be worn on a finger. Tapping into the same vein as the widely popular Oura ring, the Galaxy Ring is Samsung's bid to dominate the emerging market of ring-based fitness trackers. While Samsung had the industry buzzing with anticipation, specific details on the device were limited to its health tracking capabilities and AI integration, without revealing extensive feature sets.

    zb9GYGClk8E image

    Samsung Galaxy Ring Expected Launch Date

    • Samsung Galaxy Ring Official Launch Date: To be announced
    • Samsung Galaxy Ring Expected Release Date: Q3 2024

    Observers and insiders are speculating that the Galaxy Ring will hit the markets sometime later in 2024, aligning with previous reports from The Elec, which hinted at a launch delayed to the year's third quarter. While the exact release date continues to be shrouded in secrecy, the likelihood of a 2024 debut is high.

    Samsung Galaxy Ring Expected Price

    Tech aficionados and health-conscious consumers alike are advised to keep their spirits high and their alerts set. The expected price for the Samsung Galaxy Ring in India is pegged at ₹24,599. However, Samsung remains tight-lipped about the global pricing tiers, ensuring that the mystery remains until the official launch.

    Samsung Galaxy Ring Possible Features

    The Galaxy Ring is predicted to boast a sleek design, integrating some of the most sought-after features in contemporary fitness trackers. The ground-level speculation anticipates at the very least an integrated heart rate monitor. Expanding on functionality, the Ring may also step into the realm of advanced health monitoring, with potential features such as blood pressure monitoring and atrial fibrillation (aFib) detection. However, the implementation of such advanced health features may hinge on regulatory approvals, which are known to be time-consuming.

    In addition to the fundamental heart rate monitoring, Samsung might equip the Galaxy Ring with sleep tracking, blood oxygen level measurement, and even body composition analysis—a suite of features that even the Galaxy Watch 6 would nod to respectfully. Nothing is set in stone for the Unpacked event, but the anticipation is building around these possibilities.

    Connectivity won't lag, as the Ring is expected to sync with users' smartphones via Bluetooth, a detail that the tech community sniffed out from an APK teardown by 9to5google.

    2CZnaPEixfs image

    Final Thoughts

    While we hold our breath for the Galaxy Ring, Samsung teases the promise of wellness in the most unobtrusive manner—a Ring that could seamlessly integrate into our daily lives, keeping health tracking literally at our fingertips. The price tag might seem a tad steep at first glance, but if the features deliver as speculated, the Galaxy Ring might just redefine the boundaries of wearable tech and personal wellness.

    Stay tuned, for the reveal of Samsung's Galaxy Ring seems poised to be nothing short of groundbreaking, adding a new orbit in the Galaxy of Samsung's smart devices.

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