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PUBG MOBILE New Character | Emilia

Emilia, a new character in PUBG MOBILE, has finally made her debut.

By Jeremy Barnes


Emilia, a new character in PUBG MOBILE, has finally made her debut. Now, I believe everyone has no idea what her attributes and gameplay are like. So, let us take a look at the new female character, Emilia!

As shown in the image, the new character can be purchased through the Workshop at the price of 600 UC. At the same time, you will receive the Amethyst Tech outfit, which looks great on her!


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In terms of appearance, Emilia is a dark-skinned female character. Due to her expertise in materials science and outstanding talent in chemistry, she invented a catalyst that could quickly solidify liquids. Not only that, but it was also by pure chance that she accidentally discovered the catalyst could solidify even more efficiently when it was combined with firefighting foam. Even if you have difficulty understanding it now, you will actually pick it up quickly when you give it a try!

What's worth taking note of is the three Emotes that are given to Emilia. The first Emote can only be unlocked when the character has reached Level 5, while the other two will require you to redeem them with Character Shards. Each Emote can be redeemed with 50 Character Shards.

In addition, Emilia also has her very own Voice Packs, which can be obtained when she reaches Level 2, 6, and 9. As for other Voice Packs, players can redeem them with 10 Character Shards.

Concurrently, you will receive 150 Character Vouchers and 30 Character Shards by upgrading the character.

All in all, there are more aspects worth experiencing when it comes to our new character, Emilia, so be sure to spend more time playing as her!

So, I'm sure everyone is already itching to give Emilia a try, right? Let's look forward to meeting each other in the game!

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