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Pre-register Nikke: Goddess of Victory for In-game Gems and Rewards Now

Pre-register Nikke: Goddess of Victory now to delve into a sci-fi TPS mobile shooter with a squad of anime girls!

By Lynda Sumner


Nikke: Goddess of Victory pre-registration is now open for global players. Click here to pre-register Nikke: Goddess of Victory, pick your favorite Nikke and start your journey to protect the human world from monsters and other dangers.


    NIKKE: Goddess of Victory APK

    Goddess of Victory: NIKKE is scheduled to be released on November 4!

    Role Playing

    Role Playing

    Setting in a post-apocalypse world, Goddess of Victory Nikke puts its players into a fascinating science fiction world. Taking the role of commander, players will recruit and lead a group of five human robots, Nikkes to save the world.

    Release Date of Nikke: Goddess of Victory

    Its official accounts on Facebook and Twitter leak that the game will be launched by its developer SHIFTUP on November 4, 2022. Until now, more than three million players have pre-registered Nikke: Goddess of Victory and the number is still rising.

    Superb Animated Artstyle & Clean UI Design

    Nikke: Goddess of Victory is a mobile shooting RPG featuring its fabulous animation art design and simple user interface. The dev and publisher create five pretty young girls in the game and each one of them has unique talents and skills.

    Aiming to present all characters from different perspectives, a live 2D mode is designed. This innovative animation technology allows players to check every detail of characters' fashionable costumes, hairstyles and more from different angles.

    Engaging Gameplay: Deep Strategy & Tactics

    Though the five Nikkes have outstanding active and passive skills, they can not defeat bosses alone. So what should we do when we meet some hard game bosses? Creating synergy among characters will help you easily fix the problem. Seizing the right opportunities to release a synergy skill will buy you some time to slow down and cause great damage to your enemies. Once you unleash a skill combo of 3 characters, you will get a chance to release a synergy of 5 Nikkes and that is even more wicked.

    AI Control: Autoplay Mode

    Sometimes AI can play even better than the manual mode. Activate the autoplay function, let the AI play for you in the battle and free your fingers from the screen, you may be astonished by the surprising result of AI fighting mode.

    Instead of wasting their time exploring endlessly to collect resources on a wide map, gamers can turn to upgrade and customize their characters and upgrade their weapons. In this way, they don't have to pay full attention to the game but spend more time tackling formidable bosses, indulging in the storytelling, interacting with in-game NPCs and more.

    5n0Vr5M5edY image

    Battle System: Third-Person Shooter Mechanic

    The combat system takes TPS mechanics so gamers can play in a third-person perspective to command their roles to move, jump, run, dodge, etc. The first-person shooter may give mobile shooter lovers more intuitive and engaging gameplay, however, only a limited vision range can be seen by players on the screen. Compared with FPS, TPS gives players an overlook of a wide range of maps or battlefields. This mechanic enables players to predict approaching enemies or other threats earlier and respond in time.

    Gacha system: Collect Characters Instead Items Or Equipment

    Unlike other TPS mobile shooter game, Nikke: Goddess of Victory's gacha pool is more user-friendly. Nikke: Goddess of Victory provides a gacha pool with packed role cards. Most importantly, there's no need for players to collect and combine several cards for a complete character. Pulling in gacha, players can receive complete random characters with powerful skillsets.

    SlAGJjmNME4 image

    Conclusion: Tailored for Players That Lack Playing Time & Game Addicts

    With a lot of presents and daily log-in bonuses given, players who pre-register for the game can level up their characters at a very fast speed. That means players can engage in intensive battles and have a lot of fun without consuming a lot of time on combining role cards or items. Whether players want to have deep gaming or spend less time on the game, they will always have an immersive shooting gameplay experience in Nikke: Goddess of Victory.

    NIKKE: Goddess of Victory APK

    Goddess of Victory: NIKKE is scheduled to be released on November 4!

    Role Playing

    Role Playing

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