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New State Mobile Update 0.9.46 Patch Notes

Check out the latest New State Mobile March 2023 Update 0.9.46 Patch Notes here. Let's experience the exciting new mode Arena KA-BOOM, weapon, and more new content!

By Violet Lind


The developers of New State Mobile, Krafton, have released the latest update for March 2023. Following the release of Lagna in February 2023, a new game mode called Arena KA-BOOM has been added to New State Labs. There are also changes made to Lagna and other Gunplay Updates along with additional updates that players can explore as part of the March 2023 Update in New State: Mobile.


Dive into fierce Battlegrounds in NEW STATE Mobile!

ActionSingle Player

ActionSingle Player


    New State Mobile March 2023 Update: New Game mode

    Arena KA-BOOM

    Arena KA-BOOM mode is a variation of Round Deathmatch in which the remaining players fight on the battlefield using only grenade launchers and throwables. At the start of each round, participants are given a gun with a grenade launcher attachment, but they cannot use any other type of ammunition besides that for their grenade launcher. Additionally, normal ammo can't be found or collected during gameplay.

    New State Mobile March 2023 Update arena ka boom

    In other game modes, the regulations will be identical to those of a Round Deathmatch already in place. Players are allowed to demolish all obstacles and landscapes except for those situated at the initial point or specific regions. If players happen to fall into destroyed terrain, they will perish instantly. Within care packages located in the middle of the map, participants can acquire a unique weapon called ‘Red Zone Launcher,' which is exclusively available during KA-BOOM!! mode. This launcher creates an immense explosion that surpasses even grenades' destructive power when fired upon its target location. With this new weapon, players can now not only defeat their foes but also destroy surroundings simultaneously as well!

    New State Mobile March 2023 Update: Lagna Update, Erangel Recruit mode, Gunplay updates and more

    Lagna Update

    The developers of the game Lagna have made changes to some aspects of its balance after taking into account feedback from survivors and analyzing data within the game. As a result, players can now expect to encounter Mesta in both Estacion and on ridge geography in Carta locations.

    New State Mobile March 2023 Update Lagna Update

    Once the first Blue Zone's location is confirmed, players will have more time to loot as the waiting period has been extended and its movement time reduced. Additionally, the multi-care packages' item supply rate has increased during gameplay and there are slightly more items available in-game overall.

    A new firearm called Sawed-Off has been introduced. It is a handgun that uses 12 gauge ammunition and can effectively defeat an opponent in close quarters due to its strong impact with each shot fired. Additionally, players have the option of attaching a choke at the end of the gun's barrel for added precision.

    Erangel Recruit Mode

    New State Labs will introduce the Erangel Recruit Mode, which enables players to gather up to eight survivors in their team for a fight. This mode offers swift recruitment of squad members, quicker than the current Battle Royale Mode. The process of recruiting opponents only requires five seconds.

    After a successful recruitment, both the person doing the recruiting and the newly recruited player will have their health points fully restored. Any surviving players are not allowed to attack those who were just recruited during this process, as it is meant to protect them from being accidentally killed by teammates. This Recruit Mode will only be available for certain time periods, so players should make sure to check when they can try out this new feature.

    Gunplay updates

    Changes have been made to tailor the balance of specific weapons. For example, the amount of ammunition that can be loaded with Extended Mag for Vector has increased from 45 to 50. However, modifications such as Long Barrel and Enhanced Stock for Micro UZI now offer less control over vertical and horizontal recoil. Additionally, some firearms' auto-aim function has also received a slight reduction in effectiveness.

    New State Mobile March 2023 Update Gunplay updates

    The developers regularly adjust the weapons in response to real-time data analysis. They have made enhancements to the grenade launcher's ammo trace visibility.

    The March 2023 Update in New State: Mobile has come to an end.

    NEW STATE Mobile APK

    Dive into fierce Battlegrounds in NEW STATE Mobile!

    ActionSingle Player

    ActionSingle Player

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