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Must-Install Apps Before and After an Earthquake

A major 7.4 magnitude earthquake stroke Turkey that has taken over 4000 lives until now. Use these necessary apps on the phone to avoid damage, and learn what to do and not to do during an earthquake.

By Jodie Barber


Earthquake Research Institute has identified Pazarcık district as the epicenter of the 7.4 magnitude earthquake that took place in Kahramanmaraş on February 6th, with a depth of 7 km. Unfortunately, many Turkish citizens in the neighboring cities such as Gaziantep, Malatya, Batman, Bingöl, Elazığ, Kilis, Şırnak, and Hatay have been reported dead or injured as a result of this quake. It is vital to learn what to do and not to do before and after an earthquake to reduce the injured and dead numbers.


    What to do and not to do during an earthquake

    Things to do before, during, and after an earthquake

    • Try to look for a solid triangle area: hide under a supportive table or next to protective furniture, such as heavy couches, chairs, and large boxes.
    • The head should be securely held between the two hands or cushioned with a protective material such as a pillow or a book until the shaking stops.
    • When in a wheelchair, make sure to lock the wheels and safeguard the head and neck.
    • Leave the building through a pre-determined route, taking necessary supplies only, and proceed to the assembly point.
    • Find a safe place and kneel down, Cover your head and shoulders protectively, and hold on to something steady to avoid falling.

    Things to avoid before, during, and after an earthquake

    • Keep away from unstable cabinets, shelves, windows, etc.
    • Keep away from windows and other fragile furniture.
    • Do not run toward stairs, elevators, or exits.
    • Do not jump through windows or balconies.
    • Do not use matches or lighters, or other electrical materials.
    • Telephone should not be used except for reporting emergencies.
    • Turn off stoves, ovens, and similar appliances to avoid fire or gas leaks.
    • After the earthquake, electric, gas, and water valves should be turned off, as well as stoves and heaters.

    Must-have apps for earthquake alarms and emergency

    1. Afad Acil Çağrı

    Afad Acil Çağrı is a Turkish Emergency Call application of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Disaster, and Emergency Management Presidency. You can find the assembly areas nearby and make emergency calls for help during an earthquake. When emergencies occur, citizens can call AFAD to ask for help. AFAD team will evaluate the situation and take the necessary action if needed.

    2. Güvendeyim (IamSafe)

    IamSafe aka Güvendeyim APK

    Report that you are safe as SMS with location information.



    During an earthquake, phone lines may become crushed by massive phone calls. Güvendeyim lets you make instant calls to your loved ones to let them know you are safe and send your location in earthquakes through an SMS instead of the phone lines.

    3. Bridgefy

    Bridgefy - Offline Messages APK

    Messaging app that lets you text privately without Internet or SMS via Bluetooth



    Bridgefy allows you to send offline messages to people within 330 ft (100 m) away from you with Bluetooth enabled, without the Internet connection.

    These are the necessary tips and apps that you need to reduce damage and death during an earthquake or other natural disaster. Wish Turkey gets well soon.

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