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Meta AI Launches in India: A New Era of AI Assistance

Meta AI launches in India, bringing advanced AI capabilities to WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. Read this article for further information.

By Candida Corkery


Meta (formerly Facebook) has officially launched its advanced AI chatbot, Meta AI, in India. This rollout marks the expansion of Meta AI, which is built on the Meta Llama 3 model, to one of its largest markets. The AI assistant is now available in English across several Meta platforms, including WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger, as well as through the dedicated Meta.ai website.


    What is Meta AI?

    Meta AI is an artificial intelligence assistant developed by Meta (formerly Facebook) that leverages the company's advanced Llama 3 language model. It's designed to enhance user experiences across Meta's suite of social media platforms by providing intelligent responses, generating images, and assisting with various tasks.

    Features and Functionalities

    Key Features of Meta AI

    Built on Meta's latest large language model, Llama 3, Meta AI offers a wide range of functionalities designed to enhance user experience and productivity. Some key features of Meta AI include:

    • Real-time information: The chatbot can answer queries and provide up-to-date information powered by Google and Microsoft's Bing search engines.
    • Content generation: Users can ask Meta AI to create text, images, poems, and stories.
    • Writing assistance: The AI can help with proofreading, editing, and translating text between languages.
    • Educational support: Students can use Meta AI to generate multiple-choice tests for exam preparation.
    • Creative tools: The "Imagine" feature allows users to create, modify, and animate images using text prompts.
    • Contextual interactions: While browsing Facebook, users can ask Meta AI for additional information about posts they find interesting.

    Unique Characteristics of Meta AI

    Meta AI stands out with several distinctive features:

    • Integration across platforms: Unlike some AI chatbots, Meta AI works seamlessly across multiple Meta-owned platforms, providing a consistent experience.
    • Real-time image generation: The Imagine feature allows users to create and modify images in real-time as they type, offering a unique creative experience.
    • Collaborative enhancement: Users can work together to improve AI-generated images by modifying prompts, fostering a collaborative creative process.
    • Contextual awareness: When used within Facebook's main feed, Meta AI can provide additional information about posts, enhancing the browsing experience.
    • Multimodal capabilities: Meta AI can process both text and images simultaneously, thanks to models like Chameleon, which integrates multiple AI functionalities.

    Availability and Accessibility

    Meta AI is now accessible to users in India through WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger, as well as via the dedicated Meta.ai website. The AI assistant, powered by Meta's latest Llama 3 large language model, is currently available only in English. This launch follows Meta AI's introduction in several other countries, including the United States, Australia, Canada, and Singapore, etc.

    Competitive Landscape

    The launch of Meta AI in India comes shortly after Google introduced its AI chatbot, Gemini, in the country. Unlike Meta AI, which is currently available only in English, Gemini supports nine Indian languages, including Hindi, Bengali, and Tamil. This competition highlights the growing importance of AI chatbots in enhancing user experience and providing valuable assistance across various tasks.


    The launch of Meta AI in India represents a significant step in the company's AI strategy, bringing advanced AI capabilities to millions of users. As the AI landscape continues to evolve rapidly, Meta's expansion in India puts it in direct competition with other tech giants like Google, which recently launched its Gemini chatbot in the country. This move is likely to accelerate the adoption of AI assistants in everyday digital interactions, potentially transforming how users engage with social media platforms and access information online.

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