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League of Legends 12.23 Patch Notes

League of Legends' last patch of season 12 is coming! A variety of new champion skins and items updates are currently available in patch 12.23. Let's take a deep look at everything new in this patch!

By Irene Luevano


League of Legends: Wild Rift APK

Legendary 5v5 mobile MOBA. Play online, team up with allies, and claim victory!

HypercasualStylized Realistic

HypercasualStylized Realistic


    Patch 12.23 Highlights: Champion Buffs & Nerfs

    LOL brought many balance changes that will buff, nerf, and adjust champions, items, and more.

    Ten heroes are earning buffs which allow them to deal more damage. While the other eight champions only received minor buffs adjustment, Dr. Mundo and Zeri reformed in this patch. All of their abilities including base status, health cost, passive skills, and many will increase or decrease in the new version.

    Winterblessed Skins & Release Time

    Players would be excited to see their favorite champions have new winter skins!

    A new set of LOL winter version skins released by Riot Games are available in Patch 12.23. The developers behind LOL announced earlier that this new skin line called “Winterblessed” is coming on December 8, which features its six new champion skins: Diana, Zoe, Swain, Shaco, Warwick, and Zilean. Aside from its winterblessed skin in LOL, Warwick also has a prestige version of holiday skin in this new patch. Aside from the consistent winter themes of snowflakes and blue-purple splash art, this batch of skins for League of Legends also features beautiful auroras as an additional background.

    ARAM Updates & Item Changes

    As expected, Riot Games also released new changes to ARAM and items in Patch 12.23.

    ARAM Updates


    • Present as the opening scene of the game
    • Teleport players from the Nexus to outer towers

    Falling Towers

    • Turn piles of rubble from outer towers into a new terrain

    Brush Changes

    • A new brush in the middle bottom side of the bridge
    • Brushes between the outer and inhibitor turrets increased in size

    Bridge Repairs

    • The gaps on the bottom side of the bridge get filled

    Battle Boost QoL Updates

    • Battle Boosts are unavailable within the last 10 seconds of champion select
    • Allies will know who gifted them a Battle Boost

    S-Rank Chest Visibility

    • Players can check champions they have not yet received S-Rank Chest

    ARAM Balance Adjustments

    • Heartsteel Maximum health gained: 10% of damage dealt ⇒ 5% of damage dealt

    Item Changes


    • Tenacity Buff Duration: three seconds > 1.5 seconds
    • Tenacity Type: Item (additive with item tenacity) > Champion (multiplicative with item tenacity)

    Ravenous Hydra

    • AoE Splash Damage: 60 percent AD for melee champions /30 percent AD for ranged champions > 50 percent AD for melee champions/25 percent AD for ranged champions
    • Omnivamp from Stacks: four percent > Removed

    Sunfire Aegis

    • Combine Cost: 1000 > 900
    • Total Cost: 2800 > 2700
    • Health: 400 > 500
    League of Legends: Wild Rift APK

    Legendary 5v5 mobile MOBA. Play online, team up with allies, and claim victory!

    HypercasualStylized Realistic

    HypercasualStylized Realistic

    👉Click here to view a full list of buffs, nerfs, balance changes and more!

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