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Honor of Kings Tier List April 2024

Find your favorite HoK heroes across multiple classes and tiers! Let our tier guide show you fans-favorite HoK heroes to give you some references.

By Lori Melton


In April 2024, the world of "Honor of Kings" is brimming with diverse characters across multiple classes. Navigating this vast MOBA can be daunting, but fear not—our tier list is here to guide you. With careful consideration, we've compiled the cream of the crop, highlighting the characters most likely to lead you to victory. So, whether you're a seasoned player or a newbie, this list is essential for your competitive edge.


    Honor of Kings Tier List

    The Honor of Kings tier list is a comprehensive guide to the game's heroes, organized by class for easy reference. While tier lists are subjective, they are based on extensive research, community feedback, and personal experiences. Players are encouraged to experiment and find the heroes that best suit their playstyle, as a lower-ranked hero may still be a favorite.


    • S: Zhang Fei, Lu Bu, Kaizer, Lian Po
    • A: Eclipse, Ata, Liu Shan, Donghuang
    • B: Wuyan, Zhuangzi, Arthur, Dun, Menki
    • C: Sun Ce, Dharma, Agudo
    • D: Xiang Yu


    • S: Kongming, Milady, Nuwa, Angela
    • A: Sun Bin, Dr Bian, Gao, Kongming, Mai Shiranui, Sima Yi, Heino, Shangguan
    • B: Xiao Qiao, Kui, Zhou Yu, Diaochan, Angela, Mozi, Liang, Lady Zhen
    • C: Hai Yue, Nuwa, Gan & Mo, Jilang Ziya, Guitarist
    • D: Daji, Princess Frost


    • S: Zilong, Wukong, Ying, Li Xin
    • A: Arthur, Biron, Musashi, Fuzi, Mulan, Luna
    • B: Mozi, Kaizer, Athena, Charlotte, Dian Wei, Dun, Allain, Mayene, Menki, Cirrus, Ukyo Tachibana
    • C: Yang Jian, Pei, Sun CE, Lu Bu, Wuyan, Dharma, Guan Yu
    • D: Cao Cao


    • S: Li Bai, Han Xin, Diaochan, Mulan
    • A: Prince of Lanling, Jing, Alessio, Shangguan, Butterfly, Sima Yi, Ying, Wukong
    • B: Ukyo Tachibana, Nakoruru,Mai Shiranui, Lam, Zilong, Shouyue
    • C: Erin, Cirrus
    • D: Diaochan, Pei


    • S: Luban No. 7, Marco Polo, Shouyue
    • A: Lady Sun, Fang, Alessio
    • B: Erin, Consort Yu, Huang Zhong, Solarus, Fang, Erin
    • C: Di Renjie,
    • D: Hou Yi, Arli


    • S: Da Qiao, Zhang Fei, Agudo
    • A: Yaria, Zhuangzi, Kui, Cai Yan, Ming
    • B: Liu Shan, Sun Bin, Zhang Fei
    • C: Dolia, Eclipse, Little Lute
    • D: Ming, Yaria

    How to Unlock New HoK Heroes

    In Honor of Kings, players can unlock new heroes by:

    1. purchasing them with in-game currency.

    2. joining in special limited-time events

    3. Logging in a week/month consecutively to get free giveaways (especially when it comes to a holiday/festival)

    With new heroes unlocked, players can expand their roster and explore new strategies in the exciting world of Honor of Kings.

    For more tier list guide of popular mobile games in 2024, you may want to check these articles:

    Don't forget to follow our news channel and check back soon to get the latest news, patches, and announcements about the Honor of Kings.

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