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Honor of Kings Season 5 April Update Overview

Honor of Kings Season 5 has arrived! Meet new HoK heroes Garo, Heino, and Yalian in the arena! Read this article to check more details about character adjustments and gameplay improvements!

By Molly Reagan


Honor of Kings' much-anticipated Season 5 April update brings a wealth of changes and exciting new content to the popular multiplayer battle arena game. Players will now have the option to apply the update manually. Those opting out, while still able to play the game, will find themselves restricted from joining ranked matches, Peak Tournament battles, or teaming up with comrades who have installed the latest version.


    Honor of Kings Season 5 April Update: New Hero

    A new hero will hit the battleground in this latest update - Garo (known as "Jia Luo" in Chinese).


    Headlining Update Contents is the introduction of the new marksman hero, Garo, a character brimming with potential to reshape the strategic landscape. Alongside this hallmark addition, a limited-time discount on Point Draw is set to kick off, providing players with an opportunity to snag characters at a fraction of the cost.

    Another two heroes will also join the hero team, bringing exciting new skills and abilities, they are Heino and Yalian.


    Heino is a formidable warrior who wields the power of flame and steel. With his fiery sword, he dominates the battlefield, executing precise and powerful attacks to vanquish his foes.


    Yalian - the embodiment of grace and deadly precision, harnessing the winds to support her allies and control the field of play. Her agility allows her to dance through the combat, striking with swift and impactful blows.

    Honor of Kings Season 5 April Update: New Skins

    The rollout isn't merely about heroes. The release of the new Epic skin, North Mountain Lady Zhen, adds further aesthetic delight to the game, with a special twist: players have a chance to win the skin for free during the first week of release.

    Honor of Kings Season 5 April Update: New Events

    Value stretches beyond appearances as certain heroes will benefit from the limited-time Starstone discounts. Moreover, a special purchase event is anticipated to engage fervent shoppers, granting additional rewards.

    Honor of Kings Season 5 April Update: Adjustments & Improvements

    Hero adjustments are a critical segment of this update, with buffs awarded to the likes of Guan Yu and Wuyan, and varied adjustments made to several characters including Da Qiao and Heino to maintain a fine balance. Conversely, popular picks like Diaochan, Pei, and Li Bai have seen nerfs, a move likely to reset the game's competitive meta.

    Commendably, the update also packs a slew of bug fixes to enhance the user experience. These range from a fix for a game freeze triggered by interacting with recent players' avatars, to remedies for a model issue with River Spirits Agudo's skin, a text order error within the Arabic chat, and even garbled text on the in-match equipment screen. Pack label timings and occasional crashes on certain Samsung devices during login have also been addressed, ensuring smoother and more immersive gameplay.

    This April update is a testament to the game's commitment to improvement and player satisfaction, offering a blend of excitement through new content and stability with much-needed fixes.

    Learn the full patch notes of Honor of Kings Season 5 April update:

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