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Genshin Impact Revealed New Characters Wanderer & Faruzan

Genshin Impact 3.3 update is coming close! More new content about characters wanderer and Faruzan were released ahead of this upcoming version. Let's check out the characters' information HoYoverse leaked so far together!

By Irene Luevano


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    Meet Two Playable Characters: Wanderer & Faruzan

    Genshin account shared more artwork and lore details about the new characters wanderer and Faruzan on Twitter and Facebook. Let's find out something new about these two upcoming playable characters!

    Wanderer: of Solitude Past And Present

    Eons Adrift

    Vision: Anemo

    Rarity: 5-Star

    Weapon: Catalyst

    Scaramouche, also known as "Country Destroyer" or "Balladeer", is one of the Genshin antagonists. His powerful abilities stand him out as "The Sixth Fatui Harbinger" even among the executive heads of the Fatui. Players who defeated him in one of the most intensive boss battles in Inazuma Archon Quest will find him reborn from ashes in Genshin Impact 3.3. In this upcoming new version, he changed his name and started his new journey across Sumeru as "The Wanderer", dressing like a mountain ascetic.

    NHEE_-87mNE video

    The character demo above leaked his three talents and skills. Genshin 3.3 update is currently in progress. More information about the wanderer's two passive skills will reveal later.

    • Yuuban Meigen (Normal Attack): Release up to three wind blades to deal Anemo damage to opponents within 15 feet or so.
    • Hanega: Song of the Wind (Elemental Skill): Hover above the ground long enough & Unleash wind blades.
    • Kyougen: Five Ceremonial Plays (Elemental Burst): Suck his enemies into a whirlwind to kill them.

    Faruzan: Master of Ingenious Devices

    Enigmatic Machinist

    Vision: Anemo

    Rarity: 4-Star

    Weapon: Bow

    After being exposed to the remnants of the Scarlet King's power, Faruzan gained the ability to travel back in time. Now she teaches knowledge about ancient scripts and machines at the Sumeru Akademiya. Although looking like a little girl about fifteen or sixteen, She was in actuality much older than she had seemed. Don't be surprised to see her students call her "Madame Faruzan" as she enjoys self-identifying and prefers her students to respect her as a senior professor.

    0grd767X4Jg video

    The demo above leaked her three active skills. More details about her two passive skills will release later. Don't worry, we will keep you informed if there are any updates about her.

    • Parthian Shot (Normal Attack): Perform up to four shots with her bow to deal with her nearby enemies.
    • Wind Realm of Nasamjnin (Elemental Skill): Shoot a hurricane arrow that contains high-pressure currents.
    • The Wind's Secret Ways (Elemental Burst): Unleash a Whirlwind Pulse and cause Area of Effect DMG.
    Genshin Impact - Lantern Rite APK

    Step into Teyvat and explore the massive map in this open-world RPG.



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