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Free Fire OB39 Update Patch Notes

Experience the ultimate battle royale with the Free Fire OB39 update! Get ready for new game modes, characters, weapons, optimizations, and exciting changes. Download now and join the actions!

By Dorothy Morgan


The Free Fire OB39 update, which players have been eagerly anticipating, has a confirmed release date of March 22nd, 2023. This upcoming update will introduce numerous new features to the game such as additional game modes, pets and weapons. The developers have also implemented various quality-of-life improvements in both Battle Royale (BR) and Clash Squad (CS) modes along with several exciting new additions.


    Changes Coming to Character Update

    Multiple Options of Characters Added

    Free Fire is well-known for its abilities, and Garena has promised to enhance the way players can utilize their character's skills. The significant improvements that are being made to Character and Pet Mechanics include several essential features.

    • You can purchase All characters with Gold.
    • Skills for both characters and pets can now be acquired when they reach their maximum strength, without the need to level up. The attributes of these skills are no longer influenced by levels.
    • Altering the character will only have an impact on its physical appearance. If you want to modify your skills swiftly, it's best to adjust them through the skill presets available. You can conveniently change a character's skill in a preset format.
    • A new custom section is added to the character page.
    • By default, you have the option to modify a maximum of five pre-selected combinations in this section. These can include altering your character's appearance, abilities and equipment as well as enhancing your pet's skills.
    • Presets can be associated with specific features in different modes such as Battle Royale, Contra Squad, and Gladiators. The mode's default settings will automatically apply when using presets in that particular mode.
    • You have the option to use preset codes that are either created by you or others, and paste them into a new slot. Alternatively, you can utilize the suggested presets.
    • By clicking on your character, you have access to the list of characters. Additionally, we incorporated creative skins for each unique character.
    • The VINCULO system won't be accessible anymore. Your character's Bond will now be delivered to you in a maximum of 10 working days after installing the latest OB39 version.

    Free Fire OB39 Update

    The Awakened Characters Can Be Unlocked Easier

    • Perform Awakened Character skills to progress the quest line further
    • Saved data of quest progress will not be updated every day. Players can continue to play the game the next day.
    • Quests can be updated with less gold.

    All Characters Ability Changes

    In March 2023, the abilities of these characters will be modified as a result of the Free Fire update.

    • Ford: Restores HP points for a few seconds after damage.
    • Xtrema: Increases HP and recovery effectiveness when using skills.
    • Diana: Increases fire rate and movement speed after defeating enemies in matches.
    • Otho: Creates a field that slows and marks enemies when Otho or the enemy is knocked down.
    • Alok: will recover 3 HP for 10 seconds.

    New Upcoming Character - Orion

    Orion is going through a difficult time trying to figure out who he really is in a world where everything has been taken away from him. Your adventure will be about finding your own place in this world. The Purple Wave power that can be used makes the user invulnerable for a short period of time and also steals HP from their enemies.

    Free Fire OB39 Update

    Orion possesses the Crimson Energy ability, which enables him to become invulnerable for a period and extract health from foes. This skill provides Orion with an edge and increases his possibilities.

    New Awakened Character - Alvaro

    Alvaro is going to receive a new skill that will allow him to split grenades into three sections once they are thrown. Each section will cause 30% more damage than the initial grenade. Currently, grenades can only be enhanced by 20%, but with this change, their damage output will increase by 30%.

    Changes Coming to Pet Mechanics

    The pet system has been incorporated into the character version.

    • It is now possible to conceal your pet while playing. Once you have activated this feature, your pet will remain hidden throughout the game without requiring any further action from you.
    • The number of levels for pets has decreased from 7 to 4, leaving only the reward levels. However, the total rewards remain unchanged and any information gathered from the previous level will still be transferred over.

    Battle Royale changes

    Mission Time Challenge

    During the game, a task will become available for players to undertake. Once they have completed this challenge, an event will commence. The missions and events are not predetermined but are chosen at random. Occasionally there may be secret quests that only reveal themselves during certain matches; once the current challenge is finished, one of these hidden quests might automatically begin.

    Super Revive

    To bring back your friends to the game and improve their gear upon returning, utilize the super revive card.

    Daily Missions & Tasks in Contra Squad

    Accomplish everyday tasks to receive incentives:

    • Earn Protection Points for your first Booyah in Ranked CS.
    • Complete daily missions in ranked CS to earn rank tokens.

    Map Changes

    Returning Alpine Map in Ranked mode

    Garena has announced that the popular Alpine map will be reintroduced into Free Fire's ranked mode. This map, which features exciting elements such as trains, helicopters, and mountains, was first released in January 2022 and quickly became a fan favorite due to its unique textures and exclusive buildings. The new update containing this map is set to launch on March 22nd of next year. Additionally, every weekend players can enjoy a special non-point-deducting map (excluding Bermuda).

    Free Fire Alpine

    Video Playback Performance Optimized

    • The progress bar displays the number of rounds, and by clicking on it, you can proceed to the next round.
    • Pause function is now available.
    • After exiting the recording page, you are returned to the list of recordings.

    New Lobby Recording Feature Added

    • To activate lobby recording, go to the settings option. Once it's enabled, a panel for recording will appear on your screen.
    • The size of the recording is either 2.4 megabytes or 5 megabytes, and it will be saved in your device's album without requiring any action from you.
    • Only available on iOS systems.

    A More Private Voice Chat Feature

    You now have the option to select between two voice chat channels: group and all. If you choose the group channel, only your friends will be able to hear your conversations, while other players won't be able to listen in. However, if you opt for all modes, you'll be able to hear everyone talking but won't have access to private chats with specific groups of people. Additionally, when standing on a gel wall and attempting to jump by pressing a button that would typically trigger it will result in an error message notifying you that jumping is not allowed at this time.

    Free Fire OB39 Update

    Additional Changes in Free Fire OB39 update

    • UI optimization for Battle Royale and Contra Squad results in pages.
    • The latest Battle Royale leaderboard informs you about the progress of your teammates. In multiplayer mode, you can check their score by clicking on the team panel. This feature is not enabled initially.
    • Modify the location where the count of remaining players is shown in Battle Royale game to ensure that it remains visible for players who access the map.
    • Zoom optimization when zooming the Battle Royale map, to make the operation smoother.
    • Item wheel optimization for ease of use.
    • More detailed scores will be shown on the results page.
    • Optimization for auto-download: auto-download will pause during gameplay and restart after match ends.
    • Special items will be more visible on the minimap.

    The upcoming Free Fire March 2023 update is set to launch on Wednesday, March 22nd at 01:00 am and will be available until 10:00 am. During this time, the servers for Garena's battle royale game will be temporarily closed for maintenance purposes.

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