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Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis Announces Collaboration With Monster Hunter

The world of Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis is about to set a crossover scene with the Monster Hunter series, adding Capcom developed weaponry and armory for Cloud and company.

By George Foster


Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis, in an exciting turn of events, is set to align its universe with that of the Monster Hunter series - an initiative aimed at incorporating weapons and armor identified with the Capcom series into the wardrobe of Cloud and his companions.

In a recent interactive broadcast session, Square Enix spilled the beans about numerous forthcoming amendments to its complimentary mobile platform, Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis. Among the revelations was the much-anticipated collaboration with the Monster Hunter series, scheduled to commence on May 30, 2024 at 7 PM (PDT).

The promotional trailer put on display shows a showdown between protagonist Cloud Strife and Rathalos, the wyvern who enjoys a reputation akin to Monster Hunter's Pikachu - an icon that stands as the giant flagship of the Monster Hunter universe.

This development implies that gamers, in their capacity as hunters, would engage in a boss battle against Rathalos, set within a new territory coined as the Monster Hunter World's Arena.

Combining elements of the classic Glavenus armor set – featured first in Monster Hunter Generations – with his quintessential SOLDIER look, the trailer reveals Cloud's new attire. He is also shown utilizing the Glavenus Greatsword, also known as the Scorching Blazer.

The trailer also shares a glimpse of Cloud exhibiting the True Charged Slash, a formidable attack identified with the Greatsword weapon-class in Monster Hunter.

Going beyond Cloud, the trailer also spotlights Zack Fair, seen in an outfit merging his conventional attire with components of Zinogre - Monster Hunter Portable 3rd's flagship beast. Zack also wields a hilariously oversized version of the Usurper’s Lightning Charge Blade, revamped for the occasion.

Also, Square Enix exhibited the revamped looks of other characters, conceived from the closet of Monster Hunter, though they were not featured in the trailer.

As expected, the beloved character of Tifa would now don the Kirin High Rank armor set. Since Monster Hunter does not include a gauntlet-style weapon category, Tifa would flaunt gloves adorned with Kirin antlers for a stabbing counterattack.

Aerith, on the other hand, would adorn a slightly tweaked outfit influenced by Hinoa and Minoto's Wyverian twin ensemble from Monster Hunter Rise. Aerith's staff, inspired by the Kamura Village aesthetic in Monster Hunter Rise, would now feature the Kamura Chorus Hunting Horn weapon at its upper end.

Cait Sith, partnered with his moogle, would be seen flaunting new get-ups inspired by the Kamura Village gear designed for the Palico and Palamute partners in Monster Hunter Rise.

Square Enix also announced a daily login bonus of 3,000 Blue Crystals during the event period.

Apart from the Monster Hunter crossover, the broadcast mentioned more upgrades, including the forthcoming summer event showcasing Yuffie and Lucia in beachwear.

Additionally, in the seventh chapter of an upcoming update for Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis, Vincent Valentine is set to join the list of playable characters.

As announced, the much-hyped collaboration between Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis and Monster Hunter will take off at 7 PM (PDT) on May 30, 2024.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis is now accessible across iOS and Android platforms, and on PC via Steam.

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