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Everything You Need to Know about Ex Astris

Ex Astris is finally released on mobile! Come to see all the details you need to know about Ex Astris in this article.

By George Foster


Ex Astris is a turn-based RPG developed by Hypergryph, the same developer behind the highly acclaimed Ark Knights. In contrast to Ark Knights, which was a gacha game, Ex Astris is a fully paid mobile game with a focus on mobile phone gameplay.


    How to Play Ex Astris on PC?

    Ex Astris is not expected to be available on PC unless players use an emulator such as Gameloop. The game is set to release on the 27th of February and will cost $10.

    Ex Astris APK

    Ex Astris is a real-time/turn-based hybrid 3D RPG published by GRYPHLINE.

    Role Playing

    Role Playing

    Get Ex Astris on Google Play

    What is Ex Astris about?

    The first time the gaming community heard about Ex Astris was in late 2021 when Hypergryph announced they were working on a new game. Along with this announcement, they released an image of two characters, Vi3 and Yan, who would later become known as the main characters of the game. They also released two trailers and a Q&A. The trailers didn't give away much information, but they hinted at a very atmospheric game with a focus on exploration and adventure.

    DGsF0YmK-L0 image

    Ex Astris Gameplay

    The gameplay in Ex Astris is set to be turn-based, which is a style of play that many players appreciate, especially in mobile games. Additionally, the game will feature unique gameplay elements such as the ability to block and parry enemy attacks, adding a layer of strategy to the combat.

    After the initial announcement, there was a long period of silence from the developers. The Ex Astris Twitter account remained quiet for almost two years until October 2023, when it started to become increasingly active again. On the 26th of January, they released a trailer announcing the game's official release date.

    Ex Astris Characters

    The main characters in Ex Astris are Vi3, the princess of Doran, and Yan, an elite fighter born from a batch of embryos created for biological experiments. Other characters include Astero, the Sovereign of Shadarra, and Deterrent, a warm-hearted person from the same clan as Astero.

    Ex Astris World

    The world of Ex Astris is intriguing and complex. Earth has discovered a wormhole to a different civilization on a different planet, Allindo. Initially, there was peace between Earth and Allindo, but tensions arose when Allindo's inhabitants accused Earth of breaking their laws and prohibitions.

    Expectations for Ex Astris are high, especially given the success of Hypergryph's previous game, Ark Knights. However, since Ex Astris is a one-time purchase game rather than a gacha game, it remains to be seen how many players will choose to play it themselves rather than watching streams and videos about the game.

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