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Electric Blue: Gecko Dash! Global Launch for Android and iOS

"Electric Blue: Gecko Dash!", a casual mobile game developed by OtE Productions, is out now on Android and iOS. Get ready to step into Electric Blue's enchanting world!

By Candida Corkery


OtE Productions has announced the worldwide release of its newest casual mobile game, Electric Blue: Gecko Dash!. In this game, players step into the tiny feet of the Williams' Dwarf Gecko, a species facing the threat of extinction. This game is the latest initiative by the impact-focused department of the conservation organization known as On the Edge.

Embark on a Conservation Adventure with the Electric Blue: Gecko Dash

The Kimboza forest in Tanzania shelters a remarkable reptile, the Electric Blue Gecko, known for its captivating colors. Despite its small stature, this gecko stands out, especially the males whose turquoise tones dazzle under the sunlight. Unfortunately, these striking colors make them targets for the illegal pet trade, adding to the perils they face, including forest fires that can cause them to turn a stress-induced black color. Female geckos carry their own unique story within this struggle for survival.

The game invites players to assist the gecko in evading poachers and returning to its native screwpine trees, all while avoiding the perils of deforestation, wildfires, and invasive species. Players need to feed on insects for energy, aiding their escape from capture, blending exciting gameplay with the beauty of the gecko's habitat to highlight the species' vulnerable status.

OtE Productions specializes in mobile games that spotlight the challenges endangered species face, such as the Electric Blue Gecko. With games like Save the Purple Frog and Kākāpo Run, they aim to increase awareness about issues like invasive species growth, habitat destruction from human activity, and the black market in wildlife. Their latest offering, Electric Blue: Gecko Dash! is now available for download at no cost on iOS and Android platforms.

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