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Eggy Party Launches Globally Featuring the New Stellar Encounter Season

NetEase Games announces Eggy Party's worldwide release on Feb 23, 2024. Get ready to unleash your creativity and join the global fun today!

By Violet Lind


NetEase Games recently unveiled "Stellar Encounter," the newest season update for their popular game, Eggy Party. This update transports players to the sci-fi adventures on Eggy Island, introducing a variety of new, exhilarating minigames and a range of exclusive, trendy costumes. In Eggy Party, gamers dive into a frenzied multiplayer realm, taking on the persona of Eggy – a character with a distinctly round shape.

Eggy Party: Trendy Party Game APK

Eggy Party Mysteries Galore Season Starts on 12th Apr! Welcome to the Eggyverse!



The main goal for players is to survive through an array of challenging minigames. Throughout these rounds, players are progressively knocked out, until a single champion stands triumphant. Furthermore, the game offers a feature where players can flex their inventiveness by designing custom levels in the Eggy Workshop. These homemade creations can then be shared online, potentially earning fame and recognition.


    Explore the Cosmos: Stellar Adventure Awaits in Eggy Party

    In the thrilling new Stellar Encounter Season, adventurous Eggy characters soar into the vast expanse of space, uncovering the secrets and dangers that lie beyond Earth. Eggy Party breathes new life into the gameplay with an exciting lineup of stages: Dreamcatcher Island, Spirit Comet, Gravity Reversal, and more.

    For players looking for that extra edge of exclusivity, the Stellar Encounter Season Mystery Box is a treasure trove waiting to be unlocked. Inside, collectors can find unique Eggy Outfits including the Dreamcatcher Softie, Nebula Sheep, Bay, and the Seaweed Burglar. In addition, participants can capitalize on the season's total top-up bonus, bagging up to 66 Shiny Coins for topping up during the festive period.

    Space voyagers eager to maximize their cosmic adventure can opt for the Stellar Encounter Season Party Pass. This pass opens the door to a series of Activity Tasks that drop a bounty of prizes. On offer are astonishing rewards including Duke Ryes the Dream-eater, Awakening Ice Coffee, Sweet Dream Hot Milk, and the Galaxy Dreams Outfit. There's also a chance to net more Shiny Coins and Egg Coins. What's more, any residual experience from the Outta This World Season Party Pass will be seamlessly transformed into Fashion Badges.

    Suit Up in Shell Style: Clash in Eggy Party's Seasonal Showdown

    In the latest season of Stellar Encounter, players can undertake unique Activity Tasks to earn exciting rewards. Engaging with these tasks provides the chance to win Eggy Outfits and several accessories such as Maple the Hot Spring Owner, Misty Glasses, Cold Soda, and other items. Competitive players can delve into the Seasonal Ranked Party of Stellar Encounter, tackling Egg Rank Tasks to secure exclusive items, including the Marathon Outfit, Studded Bag, and Space Walk Avatar Frame.

    The Eggy Party brings an additional layer of fun to the Stellar Encounter event with a special in-game activity starting on the 23rd of February. With the expenditure of a single Shiny Coin, players can embark on this adventure to win the Lionel Reg Outfit. Each round of this mini-game costs one Shiny Coin to participate.

    This challenge requires players to use Shiny Coins to progress 1, 2, 3, 5, or 8 steps forward, aiming to reach a final destination set 8 steps away. Each step forward reveals enticing new rewards: 2 Shiny Coins, 100 Bottle Caps, 10 Fashion Badges, 200 Bottle Caps, 1 Mystery Box Dye, 20 Fashion Badges, 1 Accessory Dye, and the grand prize, the Lionel Reg Outfit, await those who reach the end.

    Eggy Extravaganza: Beanie’s Daily Joins Forces for Limited-Time Mashup

    During the Stellar Encounter Season, those brimming with inventive flair are invited to delve into a myriad of activities. Eggy Party launches a Map Creation Competition beginning on February 23rd, where contestants are encouraged to concoct maps that are either the most intricate, amusing, or downright whimsical. The most appealing maps gain the spotlight and may be chosen for highlighting. The leading 20 participants who publish a fresh map and garner no less than 20 Likes will be in the running for a share of $388 worth of prizes.

    i83PC5n3yoM image

    In addition, the much-anticipated collaboration makes its grand return as Eggy Party teams up again with Beanie’s Daily. March 8th marks the revival of the Eggy Party x Beanie’s Daily joint affair, unveiling the exclusive new attire – Jianxun Lee. Those who spend Shiny Coins in this event can look forward to a host of rewards, with a guarantee of receiving no repeated items.

    Eggy Party: Trendy Party Game APK

    Eggy Party Mysteries Galore Season Starts on 12th Apr! Welcome to the Eggyverse!



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