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COD Warzone Mobile Season 4 Update Patch Notes

Call of Duty Warzone Mobile Season 4 is on the way. Check out new game modes, weapons, and other updates in Season 4 here!

By George Foster


COD Warzone Mobile is ramping up for more challenging threats as we approach Season 4. The exciting new Season 4 Battle Pass, BlackCell, along with fresh store content is sure to heighten the thrill for operators in Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile.

Season 4 unveils collections of potent new tools and style enhancements to enrich your gaming experience across all platforms. Grab the opportunity to unlock the latest Operator Skins, Weapon Blueprints, along with other exclusive rewards to gain an upper hand in every face-off.


    COD Warzone Mobile Season 4 BlackCell introduces new Operators, Weapon Blueprints, and an all-new Battle Pass

    BlackCell content in Season 4 shines a spotlight on infected, offering eerie Operator Skins that exhale wisps of ectoplasm and green vapor. Get a taste of the chemical frenzy with BlackCell Weapon Blueprints, showcasing toxic aesthetics, located throughout the Battle Pass.

    Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile APK

    A fast-paced large-scale battle royale experience from the original COD Warzone.



    The Season 4 Battle Pass presents over 100 riveting rewards, inclusive of fresh Operator Skins, Weapon Blueprints, foundation weapons, and more. Through the purchase of the premium Battle Pass, you can garner up to 1,400 COD Points as you progress through the Sectors.

    Warzone Mobile Season 4

    The seasonal experience is taken to another level with BlackCell, providing a variety of masked Operator Skins, plague-imbued Weapon Blueprints, further COD Points, and distinctive rewards to stand out in the battlefield.

    By choosing BlackCell, you can gain full access to the Season 4 Battle Pass besides numerous exclusive bonuses: 1,100 COD Points, 7 Tracer Weapon Blueprints, 12 animated Operator Skins, and 20 Battle Token Tier Skips. The premium Battle Pass also incorporates up to 1,400 COD Points spread over 100 tiers of unlockable content.

    Check out COD Warzone Mobile Season 4 trailer:

    lkaTKb_ROa0 image

    Get early access to COD Warzone Mobile Battle Pass


    Soap readies for underwater operations with the 'Nautilus' Operator Skin, equipped with top-of-the-line diving tech and a tactical uniform that enhances mobility and defense. 'Nautilus BlackCell', a special version of the Operator Skin, is available for BlackCell owners, showcasing Soap within a closed mask filled with animated gas, the eyes glowing green from infection.

    Warzone Mobile Season 4


    The new Operator 'Hammer' joins the KorTac side, a Brazilian fighter who takes his call sign from his childhood pet. In this standard Operator Skin, Hammer chooses headset over mask, sporting a slight beard.

    Warzone Mobile Season 4

    Owners of BlackCell will get access to the alternate 'Hammer BlackCell' Skin with a flashy gold and black appearance, showing Hammer's tight face mask emitting green fumes.

    Crash map arrives in COD Warzone Mobile Season 4

    The legendary Crash map from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare will make its debut in Warzone Mobile Season 4, introducing the updated version from Modern Warfare 2019. This much-loved map will be available right from the launch of the new update, enabling players to dive into high-paced 6v6 Core mode clashes immediately.

    Prepare to relive the nostalgic sensation of Crash, now with a familiar yet updated design, specially optimized for Warzone Mobile. Gear up and dive into the warfare as this classic map comes back to enhance your gaming experience.

    Additionally, Warzone Mobile Season 4 brings enticing updates to Verdansk and Rebirth Island. In Verdansk a helicopter crash leaves scattered parts and advanced biolab technology across the area, while Rebirth Island hosts a recently docked ship at the port laden with chemical storage units awaiting discovery.

    Now both locations feature burnable toxic barrels amidst the wreckage and cargo, destruction of these will gain you bonus Event Points during the associated weekly event, adding new opportunities for strategic gameplay and rewarding exploration.

    Two new cutting-edge weapons


    The reimagined WWII bolt-action rifle, merged with power and precision, offers high-damage output with a slow rate of fire. The timeless rifle comes back with its ability to bring heavy damages, capable of one-shot eliminations to the chest and above within its effective range against unarmored targets. Mastering its firing rhythm keys in maximizing your offensives while effectively evading damages during re-chambering.

    Warzone Mobile Season 4

    Use the Gunsmith feature to personalize and power up the rifle's control, damage yield, and other characteristics, to align it with your combat style. Harness the power and precision of this iconic weapon to reign supreme on the battlefield.

    Superi 46 SMG

    This lightweight pistol-caliber carbine, chambered in 4.6x30mm, brings impressive stopping power in a minimalistic, lightweight frame. The Superi 46 SMG offers great adaptability and can be enhanced to shine in various combat scenarios.

    Warzone Mobile Season 4

    The Superi 46 SMG, known for its customizability and swift reloading animation, is the ideal pick for operators who excel in close combat. It's reliable accuracy and lightweight design offer a solid base for upgrades. Whether you're looking to enhance speed or concentrate on improving recoil and range, this flexible weapon can be adjusted to meet your combat style.

    New game modes

    Warzone Mobile Season 4 premieres two exhilarating new game modes: Killstreak Roulette and Battle Royale: Buyers’ Royale.

    Killstreak Roulette Mode (Limited Time)

    Launching with Warzone Mobile Season 4, Killstreak Roulette is a limited-time spin on Team Deathmatch that puts the spotlight on Killstreacks. Players are awarded a random Killstreak for every three successive eliminations in one life, rather than earning Killstreaks the traditional way, promising a chaotic and unpredictable gameplay, making every match a unique thrill.

    Battle Royale: Buyers’ Royale Mode

    Season 4 also initiates Royale mode with a twist: the Battle Royale: Buyers' Royale. This cash-based mode allows players to use an on-screen Cloud Buy Station for quick purchases, removing the need to compete over physical Buy Stations. Access to potent weapons, not typically found in loot caches, and the ability to bring back downed teammates are few advantages offered by these Cloud Buy Stations, ensuring your team stays in the battle.

    Experience the dynamic action and in-depth strategic challenge of these new modes as you navigate the complexities of Warzone Mobile Season 4.

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