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Clash Royale Biggest Update of 2022 is Coming

Download Clash Royale's biggest update of the year to enjoy two new cards: Monk and Phoenix, new Path of Legends ranked mode, Trophy Road rework, Deck Explorer, new King Levels, and much more!

By Jodie Barber


Heads up! The biggest update of Clash Royale in 2022 is coming now! Two new cards have been added with new skills and combos, and a new ranked mode is added as the Path of Legends. Besides that, players will unlock a bunch of new features like Deck Explorer, King Levels rework, daily rewards, and many more. Watch the TV Royale below to learn all of the new updated features in Clash Royale this time.

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Clash Royale APK

Clash Royale is a real-time, head-to-head battle game set in the Clash Universe.




    Two New Cards: Monk & Phoenix

    ● Monk

    Monk can be unlocked on the Trophy Road with 6500 Trophies. He is a fresh new Champion whose unique fighting skill is the Silent Sanctuary. He attacks by unleashing a powerful 3-hit combo that pushes back opponents with the final strike. And his brand-new ability, Pensive Protection will create a protective aura around himself and nearby allies, and will deflect projectiles back at the opponents, even Rockets!

    ● Phoenix

    Phoenix is a new Legendary card with Melee Attacks and Death Damage. Once defeated, it will explode in a fiery fire to deal Area Damage. What's more, it will turn into a Phoenix egg and be reborn to fight again at full Hitpoints if the Egg is not destroyed in time.

    New Ranked Mode: Path of Legends

    Path of Legends is a new competitive Ranked mode consisting of 10 Leagues. It takes place of the old League system on Trophy Road, and the best players in the world are gathered in the Hall of Fame and the Ultimate Champion League at the end of the Path.

    Players can climb the Path of Legends in a new ranked season earning special one-time rewards. There are two types of steps in the Path of Legends, Stone Steps and Golden Steps. Stone steps break when you lose, sending you back down the path, while golden steps don’t.

    How to Unlock Path of Legends?

    Players must reach Arena 15 at 5000 Trophies and King Level 30 to unlock the new ranked mode Path of Legends. You can enter this mode by tapping the icon next to the Battle button on the home screen.

    Trophy Road Changes

    With the Path of Legends debut, Trophy Road is also getting changes. Players now can battle their way through 20 Arenas for up to 7500 Trophies, and it will no longer reset every season, so you can keep climbing up the way to earn all the rewards.

    Players need to reach Arena 16, King Level 33 to unlock Champions on the Trophy Road. The Arenas on Trophy Road will now have Level Gates, which means you have to gain enough experience and upgrade King Level to unlock them. And when you reach a new Arena, you won't be able to return to the previous one on the Trophy Floors.

    King Level Rework

    The highest King Levels are changing from 14 to 42 so that players can get matched with fairer opponents, and also get a nice Level Up Chest each time you level up.

    Deck Explorer

    The new Deck Explorer button is set below the Battle Deck and next to the Mastery button. This new tool can help players to create their best decks based on current game trends with the cards they have.

    Besides the above main changes, you can also get extra rewards by completing Daily Tasks every day, earn more Gold or Gems with the Hoggy Bank, play new Mastery Tasks, and earn new Magic Items in this new update. Download Clash Royale update on Android now to enjoy all these new features right now!

    Clash Royale APK

    Clash Royale is a real-time, head-to-head battle game set in the Clash Universe.



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