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Clash of Clans June 2023 Update: What's New

Clash of Clans June 2023 update leaks reveal new levels, troops, upgrades, and more.

By Zac Dickson


Players are often thrilled to discover what's in store for their game through leaks. Clash of Clans has some big plans for the June 2023 update and there have been a few leaks about its contents. On July 9th, the developers released sneak peeks of upcoming features that include new troop levels, buildings, and other exciting additions which we will discuss further in this article.

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StrategySingle Player

StrategySingle Player


    New levels are added

    The primary and most significant announcement in Clash of Clans is that some buildings, traps, spells, and troops will have an increased maximum level. This allows players to maintain their engagement with the game while also having access to more powerful units.


    These are the structures that are being elevated to a higher standard.

    New levels are being added to Scattershot, Hidden Tesla, and Eagle Artillery in addition to Builder Hut Level 5 which has a striking gold and blue design. There is also the possibility that unlocking a new troop will be available through Barracks. Additionally, there will be an increase of 160 Shockwave Damage for Eagle Artillery.


    There are two traps that will receive an additional level, and this upgrade will only be available for players who have reached Town Hall 15. The specific traps that will benefit from this enhancement are outlined below.

    The addition of new levels for Seeking Air Mines and Giant Bombs in the game is good, but it may not be a significant improvement because it could potentially disrupt the balance of gameplay at this point.


    Two spells are reaching Level 8 when the Town Hall is upgraded to level 15, similar to how traps also upgrade.


    The list of upgrades for troops is longer now. Many Super Troops, as well as other troops, are receiving some level improvement. Nevertheless, these enhancements apply only to Level 15.

    It was about time for some troops to receive a higher level. Goblins can only be upgraded up to Level 8, but other troops like Bowlers, Yeti, and Headhunter still have room for improvement. The game's balance might change with the introduction of these new levels, and there is also a possibility that lower Town Hall levels will get an extra upgrade level once the update is released.

    Siege Machines

    Ever since their introduction, Siege Machines have played a crucial role in attacks. Although all Siege Machines currently max out at Level 4, leaked updates suggest that the Wall Wrecker and Stone Slammer will soon receive additional levels. As both of these machines are only available to players who have reached Town Hall level 12, it will be intriguing to observe how this development affects gameplay.

    New Siege Machines

    New Potions and Buildings

    Players are excited about the recent discoveries of new potions and buildings. According to rumors, two new potions - Builder Base Potion and Pet Potion - will soon be available in the game after an update. The Pet Potion aims to enhance pets' levels in the home village for one hour, while no information is yet known regarding what purpose the Builder Base Potion serves.

    Spell Tower and Builder Hut

    One of the leaks that has been observed is a new Skeleton Spell Tower, which releases the Skeleton Spell when it is destroyed.

    Upgrades & costs reductions

    The most recent update in Clash of Clans includes some noteworthy decreases in the expenses and durations for upgrading Buildings, Traps, Troops, Siege Machines, and Spells. These reductions are aimed towards players who have reached Town Hall levels 12 or 13 and can be as much as a quarter of the original cost/time. In general, all upgrade costs/times will experience an average decrease of about 14%.

    Clash of Clans APK

    Gear up for epic clan wars. Manage combat like a game master!

    StrategySingle Player

    StrategySingle Player

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