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Clash of Clans Builder Base 2.0 Update Is Now Live

Clash of Clans Builder Base 2.0 Update is coming to mobile! Update your Clash of Clans to the latest version to discover new interesting and challenging tower defense games!

By Lori Melton


Clash of Clans APK

Gear up for epic clan wars. Manage combat like a game master!

StrategySingle Player

StrategySingle Player

Clash of Clans has announced their upcoming plans to improve Builder Base 2.0 by balancing attack, defense and builders. They have been working on this for some time now and are determined to make significant changes in the system for a better experience.

Clash of Clans Released Builder Base 2.0 Update Full Patch Notes

Supercell intended to update the current Builder Base model with a new version called Builder Base 2.0, and they announced in May 15 patch notes blog post that this updated version would feature fewer troops that are more powerful and have special abilities that can be activated during battles.

In Stuart's February blog post, Stuart, the leader of Clash of Clans game, also discussed the modifications that are being made to Builder Base 2.0. These changes aim to improve certain aspects of the current system in order to provide players with a more equitable playing field.

A New Loot And Trophy System Will Replace Versus Battles

Although the current Versus Battles system is thrilling, the team acknowledges that it has some shortcomings. When a player loses a trophy, their overall count decreases and this aspect of the game presents certain challenges for players who must come up with new strategies to succeed.

Instead of having Versus Battles where two players attack each other at the same time, they have decided to implement a system similar to multiplayer attacks in the Home Village. This means that starting from the next update, you will earn Builder Gold for every Star you receive during your attack.

Attack to Earn Builder Gold, Defend to Get Builder Elixir

Every time you launch an attack, you will also be granted a defense to ensure fairness and balance. These defenses can happen even when you are connected online. Builder Elixir is obtained through defensive play where each successful defense results in a reward for every star that your enemy fails to obtain from your base.


To illustrate, when your rival obtains two stars in the game, you will get a reward of one. Thus, it is important to focus on enhancing your defense strategy. In other words, effective attacking leads to gaining Builder Gold which can be utilized for reinforcing defenses while skillful defending results in acquiring Builder Elixir that can aid in developing stronger offensive tactics.

If an opponent attacks you, any Builder Elixir that you have collected will be added to your Elixir Cart in the Builder Base. Additionally, if someone attacks you while you are playing, a notification will appear so that you can observe their attack and identify weak points in your defenses.

You are allowed to launch multiple attacks even after receiving your Star Bonus in Builder Base. This is because the battles do not occur simultaneously, so you can begin another attack as soon as one battle ends.

Trophies System Changes

When head-to-head battles are eliminated, Trophies can be gained and lost by attacking and defending. To earn Trophies, players must attack other Builder Bases, while their own base may lose Trophies depending on how well it is defended against attacks from other players.

When it comes to adjusting trophies, two factors are considered: the number of stars earned and the percentage of destruction accomplished. The amount of trophies gained or lost is determined by your Builder Hall level. Attackers' trophy gains depend on their Builder Hall level while defenders' losses depend on theirs.

Leagues and Bonus Systems Changes

It has been announced that the Builder Base will soon have its own League system. This works in a similar way to the Home Village league, where you earn rewards based on the number of stars earned through attacking and defending as your rank increases.

The Builder Base has introduced two types of stars: Bronze and Silver Stars. You can earn a Bronze Star by winning the first stage of an attack, while you can get a Silver Star by defeating the second stage. If you destroy everything in Stage 1, you'll receive three Bronze Stars; if you achieve total destruction in Stage 2, then three Silver Stars will be awarded to you. In summary, achieving both stages' maximum destruction earns six stars (three bronze and three silver).

You can also get a Star Bonus that gives you Builder Gold and Builder Elixir based on your League. The amount of Stars needed to receive the bonus changes depending on your League, with higher Leagues requiring more Stars per day.

When you finish your Builder Base Star Bonus, you will receive additional rewards as your League level increases. The number of Stars needed to get the bonus varies depending on which League you are in and can range from 7 to 12 Stars. You will earn more loot in the form of Builder Gold and Builder Elixir if you reach a higher league level.

Several instances are elaborated on in the blog post that is presented beneath.

  • If you manage to destroy 58% of the enemy's base and their Builder Hall in Stage 1, you will earn two Bronze Stars. Additionally, these stars will be counted as two towards your total number of Builder Base Star Bonus.
  • Suppose you achieved complete destruction in Stage 1, but only managed to destroy 10% of the opponent's Outpost in Stage 2. In this scenario, your total Stars would be three Bronze Stars and these stars would contribute towards your Builder Base Star Bonus as well.
  • If you manage to completely destroy Stage 1 and cause damage up to 58% in Stage 2, along with destroying their Outpost, then your achievement would be rewarded with three Bronze Stars and two Silver Stars. These stars together will give a total of five towards the Star Bonus that you can earn.
  • If you manage to completely destroy both Stage 1 and Stage 2, then you will receive a total of six stars towards your bonus, three of which are Silver Stars.

The latest Star Bonus system for Builder Base is fantastic as it offers the highest amount of loot, but even after receiving this reward, you can continue to attack and acquire more loot. The previous method of obtaining a bonus by winning three battles no longer exists.

Unlock The O.T.T.O. / Sixth Builder

With the Builder Base 2.0 updates, gamers can access O.T.T.O. as a second builder for their Builder Base when they reach level six of the Builder Hall. If players have already reached this milestone, Clash of Clans will upgrade the tasks at level nine of the Builder Hall to unlock an additional sixth builder permanently for their Home Village.

The Master Builder has decided to create another robot builder and send it to the Home Village for assistance. However, the requirements needed to unlock the sixth builder will be modified in a way that makes them more versatile and applicable.

Clash of Clans APK

Gear up for epic clan wars. Manage combat like a game master!

StrategySingle Player

StrategySingle Player

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