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Call of Duty Mobile Season 3 Vintage Vigilance Patch Notes: All You Need to Know

Call of Duty Mobile Season 3 Vintage Vigilance will go live on March 14th! Release date, new operators, weapons, gun skins, BP rewards... Everything you want to know is all here!

By Lynda Sumner


Call of Duty: Mobile Season 4 APK

Call of Duty Mobile, one of the best FPS franchise is coming to mobile.




    Call of Duty Mobile Season 3: Release Date

    As we edge closer to the reveal of "COD Mobile Season 3: Vintage Vigilance," speculation bubbles over the fresh content and twists that will enrich the experience of this esteemed mobile FPS (first-person shooter).

    ▪️ CODM S3 Vintage Vigilance Release Date: March 14, 2024

    Mark your calendars for March 14th; it's the opening chapter of what promises to be a gritty narrative steeped in crime, shadowy figures, and the relentless pursuit of justice.

    Call of Duty Mobile Season 3: English & Chinese Title

    While the Chinese version has been baptized "Fearless," the English-speaking agents will operate under the "Vintage Vigilance" banner.

    ▪️ Call of Duty Mobile Season 3 English Version: Vintage Vigilance

    ▪️ Call of Duty Mobile Season 3 Chinese Version: Fearless (Limited test opened on March 3)

    ( Image via @LeakersOnDuty on X)

    Call of Duty Mobile Season 3: New Detective Theme

    This tantalizing blend of old-school detective work and high-stakes crime offers a distinctive backdrop that players are eager to explore.

    ▪️ Be a vigilant detective in the upcoming season 3 Vintage Vigilance.

    ▪️ Unfold your detective stories in a 60s-70s gangster world.

    ( Image via @codmINTEL on X)

    Call of Duty Mobile Season 3: New Iconic Weapons

    The armory will welcome formidable firepower with the addition of new weapons courtesy of dedicated data miners' revelations. The legendary MG42 LMG, with its mythic "A Debris" blueprint, will be a massive drop anticipated for Season 4. Alongside it, we're set to receive the versatile Tech 9 SMG from the Black Ops Cold War era—rumored to make an appearance with a "Shutter Book" variant that might be featured in a Lucky Draw.

    ▪️ MG42 LMG

    ▪️ Tech 9 SMG

    The treasured loot extends with data miners sharing teases of exquisite legendary gun skins that will grant not just a competitive edge but a visual spectacle to the battleground.

    Call of Duty Mobile Season 3: New Dame Operator

    Legendary figures will cast long shadows across Season 3. A Dame operator—identified within recent test server updates—waits in the wings, accompanied by whispers of legendary variants.

    ( Image via @codmINTEL on X)

    Call of Duty Mobile Season 3: New Character Skins

    New faces will join the team. 4 skin models were leaked on social media: 3 for female characters and 1 for male.

    ( Image via @codmINTEL on X)

    Call of Duty Mobile Season 3: New Cheshire Park

    A New location coming in S3 - Cheshire Park from MW19.

    New locations and areas will be released for those who expect for refreshing gun-shooting experience, which may include:

    ▪️ A Cheshire Park Cafe (Cafe & Bistro)

    ▪️ A Fountain Place

    ▪️ A Courtyard

    ( Image via @codmINTEL on X)

    Call of Duty Mobile Season 3: New Battle Pass & Luxury Rewards

    Speculation swirls around the much-debated Battle Pass, with the Tech 9 SMG possibly occupying the vaunted Tier 50 with an epic blueprint. The thematic undercurrent suggests the appearance of the Ghost operator skin or the Mace character for the deep-pocketed player who scales the Battle Pass summit. Eyes are also peeled for hints of a novelties-filled Battle Pass Vault that could be a part of the unfolding narrative.

    Call of Duty Mobile Season 3: Improved Multiplayer Experience

    The battlefield will evolve further, with commitments to enhancing the multiplayer experience. Warfare in CODM season 3 gets amped up with the continued presence of the havoc-wreaking Havoc Operator Skill—allowing field agents to wreak electronic disruption upon enemy strategies. On the community side, the anticipated Lucky Draw gifting feature could weave tighter bonds between comrades-in-arms, granting them the ability to exchange legendary or Mythic spoils.

    While this intel drips with potential, remember to wear the skeptic's hat—these are, after all, a mix of leaks and educated guesses. They serve to sketch a shadowy outline of what could crystalize with the upcoming season. The intrigue heightens and the enthusiasm is palpable within the COD Mobile community.

    Call of Duty: Mobile Season 4 APK

    Call of Duty Mobile, one of the best FPS franchise is coming to mobile.



    Keep your ear to the ground for those keystroke updates and official confirmations that will illuminate the entire gamut of offerings in COD Mobile Season 3: Vintage Vigilance. What we've peeked at through the keyhole indicates anything from a gameplay renaissance to a triumphant, guns-blazing narrative. Until then, lock and load, operators: the vigilant watch for real-world rollouts continues.

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