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Brawl Stars April 2023 Brawl Talk: New characters, skins & more

Get ready for the April 2023 Brawl Talk in Brawl Stars featuring new brawlers, Maisie and Hank, themed skins, and the introduction of Bling Currency. Don't miss out on the action!

By Dorothy Morgan


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The latest Brawl Talk in April 2023 for Brawl Stars will reveal three new playable characters, as well as fresh cosmetic options. The game is also introducing a brand-new currency called Bling to replace Star Points that players can use to buy various items within the game. Let's take a closer look at what this month's update has in store for us!


    Brawl Talk April 2023: New Playable Characters

    In this part of the April 2023 Brawl Talk, we will discuss the fresh characters that have been added to Brawl Stars.

    Maisie - Chromatic Brawler


    Our team has recruited Maisie as our new fighter for the upcoming Rumble Jungle season. In addition to her role on our team, she also works at Starr Theatre as a safety assistant.

    • The new chromatic brawler Maisie is a part of Fang and Buster's trio.
    • She can launch a long-range and medium-sized normal attack with her arm Cannon. The projectile she launched moves slowly at first but continues to speed up in a few secs.
    • Maisie's super skill is to shoot projectiles on the ground. This shockwave attack slightly pushes away approaching enemies and deals low damage to them. However, Massie faces a possible weapon shortage when she uses her super attack - There's a 1-2 sec delay with the use of her super ability.

    The new skin that she has obtained from the Brawl Pass is called Jungle Queen Maisie, and it allows her to transform her metallic arm into a Golden Snake. In addition to this, there will be another skin available for purchase at 29 gems named Tech Maisie.

    Hank - Submarine Pilot

    Hank is highly skilled in the art of shrimp cooking and is also an expert at managing fish tanks. He has been recognized for his exceptional abilities by being included in the list of top fighters in the game.


    • New epic brawler Hank keeps company with Otis.
    • His normal ballon attack deals a little damage at first but increasingly grows. After the 3-sec maximum attack, his pufferfish submarine needs to cool down to recharge.
    • Hank uses his super skill to release a school of torpedo fish to attack in all directions. And his attack would not stop until the torpedoes get hit by walls or opponents.

    The upcoming update will include a skin called Shark Tank Hank, which features 29 gems.

    Brawl Talk April 2023: New Themed Skins

    During June 2023, there will be numerous skins with various themes will become available in the game.

    rumble jungle heroes skins

    Rumble Jungle skins

    • Bananas Colt
    • Leopard Max/Panther Max
    • Crocodile Buster
    • Jaguar Spirit Meg

    Legends of Olympus

    • Cerberus Tick
    • Ares Nani
    • Zeus Brock

    29-gem Skins

    • Goblin Carl
    • Leon The Stray
    • Blackbird Edgar

    Brawl Talk April 2023: Bling Currency

    The game will soon introduce a new currency called Bling, which will replace Star Points.

    Brawl Stars April 2023 Brawl Talk Bling

    • Purchase Bling in exchange for skins, pins, sprays and profile icons.
    • Say goodbye to Star Points. New currency Bling with a heavier weight is going to replace Star Points.
    • The Brawl Pass track now has Bling Rewards instead of the first and tenth tiers, and gold replaces pins at the end of the free tier.
    • Brawl Pass rewards changes: No first and tenth tiers and pins rewards anymore, but Bling currency and gold rewards.
    • Star Points will be converted into Bling currency when you start a new game.

    The number of Skins worth 149 Gems that players can buy per year in Brawl Stars depends on how often they play. If a player buys the Brawl Pass every season, they will be able to purchase more Skins. Additionally, Bling can be used to get discounts on Skins by adding Gems to the purchase.

    The Brawl Pass has undergone changes in which the Tier 1 Skin and Pin Pack on the premium track have been replaced with Bling. Additionally, developers have substituted Coins for the final Pin pack on the free track.

    Collections Feature in Shop And Catalogue

    • No discounts while buying skins with gems. The good news is Bling currency can offer you a discount deal.
    • You can not use Bling to get Seasonal, Special Event, Exclusive Cosmetics, Mythic, and Legendary Skins.
    • After a two-week release of the skin you want, you can not get the skin with Bling but only gems. (The Tier 1 Brawl Pass skin can be purchased with Bling or Gem on the first day of the new BP Season.
    • A large portion of old Star Point skins in the skin pool is currently available for Gem or Bling.

    April 2023 Brawl Talk: Trophy Reset Change, Power League Update & More

    Trophy Season Reset Change

    • The 8-week-long Trophy Season gets cut. It lasts about 2 weeks now.
    • In the latest update, the top 20 Brawlers with 500+ trophies get an entire reset.
    • Only the top 20 Brawlers can get the chance to redeem Bling rewards.

    Power League Update

    • When you reach a new Power League rank, you will be rewarded instantly.
    • Power League reset has been increased a lot.

    Bounty Update

    A fresh additional way to win has been introduced, wherein the team that achieves 20 points first will be declared the winner.

    Returning Volley Brawl

    According to the number of votes, it is currently chosen to replace Basket Brawl in the community slot and will take turns with Duels.

    More additions

    • More 3×3 matches play highlights are introduced into the new game.
    • See your stats at the end of a highlighting kill or death.
    • Thumbs up feature is added.
    • The status of the underdog only shows at the end.
    • You can still earn points toward Mastery if you get a Star Player in your team.

    Ultimate Showdown Modifier

    • Ultimate Showdown modifier is added to the game.
    • Eating hot dogs helps you remove the passive health regeneration effect.
    • The introduction of the new Showdown modifier brings more challenging and engaging gameplay.

    That's all breakdown update details about April's Brawl Talk that took place on April 22nd, 2023.

    Brawl Stars APK

    Join a real-time, head-to-head battle in the Clash Universe.



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