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AutoChess MOBA Shuts Down in the End of February 2023

AutoChess is closing its servers at the end of February 2023 due to technical problems, but they plan on launching an improved version soon.

By Zac Dickson


Dragon Nest has revealed that their AutoChess MOBA game will be ending soon. The servers for the title are set to shut down by the end of February, and they have also given players a timeline before it happens.

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    AutoChess MOBA will be taken off the servers due to performance issues

    The developers explained why they decided to take down the game from servers. They described a timeline that would eventually lead to shutting them off completely. The primary reason for this was reportedly due to technical problems such as lagging, long waiting times, and connection issues.

    The developers had a hard time fixing the problems and have thus made the decision to discontinue their game. Starting from January 30, all in-game purchases will no longer be available and any additional content related to this game won't appear on app stores anymore.

    Starting February 6, the game will no longer be available on app stores. By the end of that month, all servers connected to it will also go offline so players won't be able to access their accounts anymore. The developers have given instructions regarding how they'll handle currency held by users in-game before this happens.

    The game will come back with a polished version on a later date

    The developers have reassured fans that the game will not be stopped; they are instead working on a better version. The improvements to make it more enjoyable and smooth should soon be completed, so there is no need for concern about discontinuation - once all the updates are done, it'll go back out into stores.

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