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Here are some tips and tricks for LEGO City My City 2:
1. Prediction
If you can predict where the opponent’s Vehicle will hit you, you can make a lead in this Mobile Gaming app.
When you have predicted it, try to corner the cars. This can help you to take a lead in Lego City My City 2.

2. Firefighting technique
If you are having trouble in firefighting, you should rely on open areas and grounds.
Instead of following the safest route guide, you should follow the marker in the map shown in Lego City My City 2.
You would safely and quickly reach the destination if you follow the marker on the map.

3. No hassles in driving firefighter
A Firefighter is a heavy Vehicle automobile.
Developers have kept this in mind. Firefighting vehicles ram the vehicles on the road without losing the momentum.
So, you do not have to take care of other vehicles on the road. Concentrate on driving fast and reaching the destination pretty quickly.

4. Boating Activities
LEGO City My City 2 mobile gaming app
You can pick Studs in whirlpools.
If you are picking Studs, you should look constantly for whirlpools.
The best thing for picking Studs is that you can pick it from whirlpools without any obstacles.

5. Never ignore studs initially
Initially, you might feel like ignoring Studs as you would make up for this loss later in the game.
But as this game proceeds to next level, Studs become rarer.
So, keep focusing on Studs from the start so that you won’t have any problem later.

6. The importance of secret messages
If you do not know about Secret Messages in this gaming app Lego City My City 2,
let me tell you that you have Secret Messages in this mobile app.
Now, search for these Secret Messages.
Secret messages provide hints that in turn can make easier to play.
These hints give you code.
On the city’s hub screen, these codes should be entered to get rewards.
These rewards include Studs in bulk, bricks in large quantity and vehicles with a special power.

7. Look back!
Lego City My City 2 game
Looking back is not what we are exactly advising.
Try replaying previous levels to get what you have lost while playing that level at that time.
Since you would be having upgraded vehicles, it would be very easy for you to win lower hills.
So, it is advisable to look back if you want to play strategically and smartly.

Now, you should be well prepared to tackle any difficult levels of Lego City:
My City 2 as we have furnished you with our best tips for this game.
You won’t face any difficulty as we have discussed nooks and crannies of this Mobile Gaming app.

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