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Mengenai X-Ray Cloth Remover:Girl Scanner Simulator funny


"You want to scan with X-RAY Simulator? Get it done with X-RAY CLOTH SCANNER"!

Simulator X-ray scanner is a prank app for fun with your friends.

Enjoy this prank now, let other think you possess a tool which can actually see beneath the clothes…
You tell your friends that now posses a tool that can virtually scan any thing on this earth but in real this app does nothing.

This is a very fun app. Very amusing – you can let your friends play with your phone and see how you can scan them.
… Start fooling others today, make all of them see how you can see behind a person
clothes. Make the guys and the girls nervous with your capabilities. Let others think you are the one who has all sorts of cool options on his phone.

This body Scanner Real app can make you a super hero among your friends, as you got a very unique application.
Just make fun with your friends and enjoy your life with X-Ray Girls cloth remover simulator.

Xray Remove Clothes Prank does not really scan any girls or any person cloth or cannot see inside bodies and bag scan.
Remove Xray Prank clothes - simulator joke app.

Take off your clothes scanner with friends for fun, show your friends score!

This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true X-Ray Scan results,you will see the result of X-ray!

ATTENTION! The app is created just for humer and entertainment!
Real X-rays in the phone does not exist! The game does not bear any of the danger and harm!
"Real XRays are quite harmful and mobile phone does not have a hardware yet that can generate
real X-Ray images so don't worry and make fun in your" life!

Thank you for playing with us and using our application.Having fun in life is good!

Leave us your funny comments and we will make the application more better!
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Minta X-Ray Cloth Remover:Girl Scanner Simulator funny Kemas kini 1.7

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Apr 25, 2019

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Larissa Fernanda Passarini

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