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1.3 for Android



COVIDWISE is the official COVID-19 exposure notification app for the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Department of Health (VDH). The app was developed in partnership with SpringML using a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) API framework created through a unique collaboration between Apple and Google.

Your personal use of COVIDWISE will significantly help inform Virginians suspected of having been within close proximity to someone with a positive COVID-19 diagnosis. When you download COVIDWISE, you are doing your part to efficiently and effectively help your community stay ahead of any potential resurgent trends in cases. This is vitally important as the business sector, healthcare industry, K-12 schools, institutions of higher education, religious organizations, sporting/recreation activities, and others rely on appropriate interventions to ensure the health of our communities and maintain economic viability.

If someone reports to the app that they tested positive, the signals from their app will search for other app users who shared that signal. The BLE signals are date-stamped and the app estimates how close the two devices were based on signal strength. If the timeframe was at least 15 minutes and the estimated distance was within six feet, then the other user receives a notification of a possible exposure. No names! No location!

The BLE framework within COVIDWISE will run in the background, even if the exposure notification app is closed. It will not drain the device battery at a rate that would occur with other apps that use normal Bluetooth and/or are open and running constantly.

How COVIDWISE Protects Your Privacy:
VDH takes your privacy and confidentiality very seriously. This is why we chose to use the Apple and Google BLE framework. No personal data or location tracking occurs within this app. In fact, there is no need for VDH to know where or who you are for COVIDWISE to work. If you are close enough to another app user, the BLE technology will share signals with that user.

Laboratory results for all persons who test positive for COVID-19 are sent to VDH. This is not associated with the app. Our staff follows up with persons reported as positive, based on information provided within the laboratory report.

Anonymously Share Positive Test Results With COVIDWISE:
When VDH receives any positive COVID-19 lab result registered with a valid mobile phone number, we will automatically send a text message to that individual, which provides rapid notification and encourages them to stay home and away from other people. The text also lets individuals who have tested positive know they may retrieve an 8-digit verification code from the COVIDWISE Verification Portal at https://apps.vdh.virginia.gov/CWP. You must enter your last name, date of birth, and the phone number that matches the information from your registered COVID-19 test to verify your positive result.

You may use that 8-digit verification code in order to anonymously report a positive result to the app. This prevents people from falsely reporting positive results, which could generate false exposure notifications. VDH wants all app users to feel confident that when a possible COVID-19 exposure is received via the app, that it is a real event.

If you have the current Apple or Google operating system installed on your device, you may have noticed that Exposure Notifications are now included. Apple and Google will delete the exposure notification service tools from their respective operating systems once the pandemic reaches a point that public health no longer requires the use of this technology.

Thank you for downloading COVIDWISE! Together, we can protect our family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues, and keep Virginia moving forward!
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COVIDWISE 1.3 Kemas kini

Add your phone to the COVID fight with COVIDWISE! This latest version of COVIDWISE includes minor bug and performance fixes as well as an improved Virtual VDH interface with added vaccine information and educational guidance.


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