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Mengenai Basketball SuperDunk!


Melompat, sapu dan dunk cara anda ke dalam legenda bola keranjang dengan SuperDunk!

Three Point Bandits now has trampolines. Bounce over cars and robots to achieve legendary SuperDunk! status.

Basketball will never be the same as you alley-oop and slam dunk through 14 stages using just one finger. Watch out for rampaging robots.


★ Touch screen to bring ball into play
★ Swipe or drag finger to throw basketball
★ When ball bounces on the ground, repeat

★ Training stage 1: Shooting
★ Training stage 2: Passing and alley-oops
★ Training stage 3: Jumping and dunking. Swipe up to jump; swipe again to slam dunk

★ Complete training stages to unlock SuperDunk! level
★ Hit SuperDunk! coin with ball
★ Press slam dunk button
★ Run to trampoline, which hurls player into the air
★ Swipe to slam ball into basket


★ LONG PRESS the action buttons to save time. Button is activated when red dot appears
★ GET MORE BALLS as soon as possible. This lets you score more and earn coins
★ SuperDunk! wins the most coins. Consistency and stamina pay off in the end
★ TEAMWORK is essential


★ SuperDunk! trampolines from out of this world push you to new heights
★ Jump higher and further than ever before
★ Three training stages to prepare you for the harsh, cold world of basketball
★ Swipe to slam dunk seven ways
★ Mix it up with four different jumps
★ Assist using five alley-oop moves
★ Got layups and fade away shots? You bet!
★ Spin basketball with realistic shooting action
★ Win coins, upgrade basketballs, unlock game stages


✓ One player, two characters
✓ More than two hours of medium-to-difficult game play
✓ Three training stages
✓ Three levels with nine stages. Bonus Endless Play and new SuperDunk! stages by popular demand
✓ Four robot bad guys
✓ Play with up to five basketballs simultaneously
✓ Compete with friends on eight leaderboards
✓ 14 basketballs to choose from


✓ Comprehensive career and game average stats
✓ Intuitive swipe action controls trajectory angle, speed and ball rotation
✓ One of the best 2D collision systems delivering life-like basketball action. Just like the real thing
✓ Each ball presents a unique combination of weight, bounce, grip, drag and gravity that affects play
✓ Recommended minimum 1 GB RAM, 640 x 480 resolution and graphics acceleration support


✓ https://www.facebook.com/ThreePointBandits
✓ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCT_tHTYE7Nd2WS1AWMFZlqQ
✓ https://www.instagram.com/tpointgames

Tags: #basketball #game #slam #slamdunk #dunk #swipe #alleyoop #SuperDunk! #ThreePointBandits #playball

Apa yang baru dalam versi terkini 1.2

Last updated on Mar 20, 2017

- New team uniform
- New SuperDunk! functionality
- New SuperDunk! stage
- Three training stages made easier
- Additional game tips
- Minor bug fixes

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