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Mengenai andLyrics


Sing your favorite song together with singer

You have a favorite music player with rich settings and beautiful appearance, but it does not show the text of the currently playing song and this problem is annoying you. What can you do? You can change the player, but the new player may be less comfortable for you. andLyrics is a solution for this problem You can continue listening to the music in your favorite player and read the lyrics in andLyrics. And these lyrics are not a static text, the lyrics are automatically scrolled and highlighted along with the song like a karaoke.

What this application does:
* Identify the currently playing track
* Search for lyrics in Internet
* Allow the user to build a search query and select the appropriate version of the text
* Displays, scrolls and highlights lyrics in sync with the currently playing song
* Keeps lyrics of listened songs in the internal memory, so it doesn't have to download them from the Internet again

Supported players:
PowerAmp, WinAmp - support is guaranteed.
Any other player with Last.FM scrobbling.

Apa yang baru dalam versi terkini 0.3.2

Last updated on Aug 9, 2015

Fix network problems
Fix for Android 2.1-2.2
Select directory to save the lyrics
Fix search
Small bugfixes
Supports search by artist or song name
Ability to manually select appropriate version of lyrics
Bug fixes
Small changes of interface
First version
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