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Mobile homes or manufactured homes refer to residential structures that have the ability to be moved from one place to another. Initially called trailer homes, mobile homes have now come a long way. Modern mobile homes are much more intricate and beautiful in their designs. Some newer mobile homes appear no different than traditional brick, cement and mortar homes to the amateur eye.

There are typically two kinds of mobile homes- the singlewide and the doublewide. Singlewide mobile homes are less than sixteen feet in width when assembled, while doublewide mobile homes are more than twenty four feet in width. Singlewide mobile homes consist of single pieces which are transported by means of truck trailers to the site. Doublewide mobile homes have two parts, which are fixed together on site. Some people have reservations concerning doublewide homes, as they believe they are prone to leakages if assembled improperly. However, doublewide homes are very spacious. Triple wide mobile homes are also manufactured, but they are very scarce. A triplewide home is immensely spacious and can provide for as many as five bedrooms and three bathrooms.

Mobile homes or manufactured homes need to meet the standards of the Housing and Urban Development code of the US, popularly called the HUD code. This code was effectuated in June 15, 1976 and it delineated norms to manufacture mobile homes. These norms relate to building standards, fireproofing, plumbing, heating, air conditioning and electricity systems. Apart from these rules, if the mobile home has garages, sheds, etc. then they must meet the codes.

Earlier mobile homes were classified as movable property and taxed as vehicles. This led to a spurt in people buying them, as they saved a lot on taxes. Modifications occurred in the designs of mobile homes, and newer homes are actually permanent structures that remain on one location throughout their lives after being assembled. They no longer have wheels, but can be dismantled and erected at another location if needed. This led to amendments in the taxation process. Today mobile homes are also classified as real properties and taxes are accordingly levied on them.

How miserable a poor turtle seems, traveling with its hard and heavy shell? But if we take a deeper look into it, the nature has blessed that creature with its very own home which provides both shelter and protection. And what have we not learned from the animal's world, man has swum across the oceans, flew in the open skies and learned to camouflage himself in land and terrains. And with all these techniques learned from the beasts and birds, man has claimed the reign of the planet. But we were talking about the turtle this time, from which we have learned one of the most modern techniques of survival in this fast paced, and ever so expansive world, the Mobile homes. These mobile homes are actually prefabricated houses, which mean they are made in factories and then deployed to the desirable destination. The mobile home manufacturers mostly manufacture these houses as separate modules so they are also called modular houses.

Originally manufactured for special purposes such as camps and military bases, the concept of mobile houses is now becoming very much popular in commercial use as well. As the time turns and the economical situations are getting worse people are more and more heading for the cheap alternates for few majorly concerned matters including the home. The reason behind these modular structures being cheaper than the traditional homes is because of its cost efficient mass production. Like automobiles, these mobile structures are also mass produced through assembly lines. Hence, unlike a very common perception, the lighter cost has nothing to do with a lower quality. In fact, the quality also seems to surpass the traditional ones. These homes are much stronger and usually built on a chassis which supports it even through the bumpy ride from the factory to the site.

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