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A garden shed is the perfect solution for homeowners who need extra storage space or simply want one place to stow all of their tools and gardening equipment. Honestly, how many times have you searched a messy garage for a tool you needed? Wouldn't it be a lot easier to have everything stored in one place you could visit anytime you needed it?

Though these sheds used to be called tool sheds, the modern garden shed looks nothing like a dilapidated old tool shed. In fact, they look a lot like mini houses and even have doors, windows and shingles on the roof. That is because modern units are built to last. In this article we are going to discuss garden shed building plans and whether it is better to build or buy.

Do You Have The Skills To Build Your Own Garden Shed?
Now, before we start we must mention that building a shed of your own is no weekend project. On average, it may take a talented carpenter at least a week to complete a quality shed. However, if you do have the skills and the time, it is possible to save quite a bit of money and to produce a better shed than you are likely to find at a home and garden center.

But because skill, patience and time are imperative, most people simply end up buying prefabricated sheds, or sheds that have already been put together. These units often cost between fifteen hundred and three-thousand dollars. Though no cutting, nailing or drilling is required, but you may have to assemble the shed on your own, which could take a few hours.

Whats Involved In Building Your Own Garden Shed?
Then there are garden shed building plans. These are instructions that can be downloaded on the internet that will let you know exactly what you have to do to build a high-quality shed. The plans can often be purchased for only a few dollars from reputable home improvement websites. Of course, the plans are only half the battle. You will also have to procure all of the materials and equipment for the job on your own. Depending on what you can beg, borrow or buy, you should expect to pay between one and two-thousand dollars for the materials and equipment.

Quality Vs Convenience
Why do folks decide to follow garden shed building plans? The main reasons are cost savings and quality. Now, there's nothing wrong with prefab storage sheds, especially if you are living in a mild region of the country with dry weather and few thunderstorms. But in rainy regions with a lot of ground water and runoff, these sheds are seldom built to last.

The reason for this is simple: companies often skimp a bit on material costs and use wood that is not pressure treated. Pressure treated wood, as you may have guessed, is quite expensive because it protects wood from the elements. Without pressure treated wood in a rainy region there is a good chance that water may seep through the floor and damage the shed. This could lead to sagging, warping and even rotting.

For this reason, most folks who follow garden shed building plans use only the best materials in their projects. Of course, this will cost a little more, but their storage sheds often last for two or three times as long as prefabricated models.

Garden design is one of the most popular modern hobbies, especially amongst the creative types, and there are many different things that you can do to enhance your current garden, one of which is installing one of the many sheds that are available from different retailers. However, you might be uncertain as to the different ways that these gardening sheds can benefit you. If that's the case then our guide should be able to help you, so read on:

Storage. After a long and very cold winter that was dealt with by a more than helpful amount of retail therapy, you might find yourself thawing out only to then realise that you possess a large amount of things that you might not be using in the future - certainly more than will fit in your house without making it look very cluttered!

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