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Day or night, give lip colors that express your feminine charm.
Lips are the body parts most determines how pretty you look, perfect as any
make-up that you apply to your face will be in vain if the lipstick color you have chosen is not appropriate.
has a diverse selection of lipstick to make lips appear attractive sensual appropriate for each
mood or even just experimenting with the latest red lipstick.
Lipstick is a cosmetic product containing pigments, oils, waxes, and emollients that give color, texture,and

protection for lips . there are many colors and lipsticks. As with most other types of makeup, lipstick is

usually, but not exclusively, worn by women. Some lipsticks also lip balm,
to add color and hydration. Lipstick can indeed make an appearance more beautiful. But if one select a lipstick

can actually make your appearance to be chaotic.

Especially for you who has the problem of dry lips and peeling use a lip balm or lip conditioner before using

lipstick. For the evening appeared on the screen or shine lip very
it is recommended that the display looks fancy but not excessive for the creation of so many colors needless to

capitalize dozen blush lip. red lipstick blusher blush, young Orange, Nude Fuchsia.
maybe you can try to blend this lipstick color.

red lipstick + Orange = Red Brick
Orange + Nude + Fuschia = Baby Pink
Orange + Nude = Light Peach
red lipstick + = Nude Pink Nude
red lipstick + Nude + Orange = Orange Coral.
Fuchsia + Orange = Light Fuchsia
Fuchsia + Orange + red lipstick = Shocking Peach
Nude + Fuchsia = Lila

Lip Tint is lip color that has a porous texture of the lips and even though the color
red, will not be too visible conspicuous when worn. Typically lip tint used by teenagers teens. lip balm: Its

main function is to protect the lips with moisturizing and providing vitamins to the lips Lip Gloss: This is a

product that will give a lustrous hue on the lips
But wear lipstick every day was also not good, especially for you who have any kind of dry or sensitive lips.

Left pale appearance would be very disturbing, especially if your natural lip color was somewhat blackish. To

make lipstick last longer, there are some simple ways that will be for all of you:
1. Use a moisturizing lip
then applied by thinning. Avoid using too thick as it eases the lip color lip stick on the glass, food or

2. subtract with dry tissue
Dry wipes will help reduce lipstick color quickly faded.
3. Add lip gloss
Use lip gloss without glitter. Use in moderation and avoid using too much to avoid greasy lips look like.

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