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The philosophy at Liberty Prep, first and foremost, is based on respect for your child’s inner desire to learn, and knowledge of her/himself. Maria Montessori’s pedagogy, the result of many years of research, was founded on the principle that children who are given the freedom to develop at their own pace, and choose the areas of study according to their interests and intellectual readiness, grow up to be self-confident adults able to think creatively and with the inner discipline to be successful. Montessori alumni such as Google founders Larry Page and Sergei Brin, Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales, and Jeff Bezos, creator of Amazon provide evidence that she was correct. All four, and many others, credit a Montessori education for their ability to think creatively, self-motivate, and do things differently. Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, has said that Montessori schools are doing a better job of teaching and producing independent thinkers than the traditional system.

Montessori’s belief that children learn best "when an individual is the master of himself" led to the development of materials that allow children to teach themselves through concentration and repetition. Her defining statement "Help me to help myself" encompasses the understanding that young children crave independence, and that this in turn builds self-confidence and a sense of control. This has been confirmed by new research, as has her conviction that movement is intricately connected to learning. Movement is included in all Montessori activities. Recent neuro-psychiatric research is able to trace the path information travels; the first area of the brain information reaches is the Parietal lobe, where touch and movement are received.

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