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Garden pots are a great and versatile way to bring new life your existing garden. But there are a lot objects you can use in place of your standard garden pot. For instance, you could use an old watering can to place plants in. Simply drill or cut a hole in the bottom for drainage and you've got yourself an instant charming plant container. You can also use a wooden barrel that is cut in half.

If you happen to lose a tree that is already in your garden, you can hollow out the stump. Make sure to hollow it out deep enough to sink a pot into. Simply use a boring drill bit and start by drilling out holes that make the outside diameter of the circle. Once you have the circle drilled out, continue boring out the inside. Use a chisel to remove the wood left between the holes. Fill in any gaps around the pot with dirt.

If you break a large garden pot, another trick that a lot of gardeners do is to cut the bottom off at an angle or bury the pot halfway into the ground. This gives the illusion that the pot is more like an artifact that has been unearthed.

For a less permanent but really fun idea, you can take a pair of old boots and fill them with dirt and top with a plant of your choice. You can even paint the boots with spray paint to make them blend in or stand out.

Wood barrels that are cut in half are a common alternative as well. Even though they are made to hold liquids, its still a good idea to coat the inside with a water sealant (they weren't exactly made for dirt).

A simple idea is to take a used car tire, lay it down level and fill that with dirt. They can even be stacked to make a very interesting garden.

Look around and you will see that there are plenty of objects you can use as containers for your garden. Your only limit is your imagination.

Gardening in pots is one of the most common hobbies among individuals. Large plant pots might not be a very feasible option for many individuals, who have huge garden area along with lawn. There are very few big gardens or parks in our city which has large trees around. Keeping large pots for plant will not work when one wants to plant big plants or trees within premises. All age groups like to do gardening, including young, old and senior citizens. Individuals who love gardening can get immense enjoyment and pleasure with various gardening techniques with very little efforts. It is indeed a great way to spend time in a productive activity of house gardening.

Below are few of the positive points for keeping Large pots for plant within or outside house:

Movement: Planting trees or shrubs in garden or a lawn becomes virtually immobile. One cannot remove the plant as and when required i.e. uproot the plant or tree when an individual wants to shift the position of the plant or tree. Whereas, plant pots work well and prove its usefulness at all times. Large plant pots can be taken to various places, without uprooting the plant. With Large plant pots, there is no threat for the survival of the plant. Large pots can also be kept within the house premises, can be kept indoors, and it is easy to move whenever required. Large pots color can also be changed as per the room color scheme as it is easy to handle.

Design and Beautification: Keeping big plants or small trees indoors, in a plant pot, an artistic appearance of the large pots adds value to the place and décor of the area. One should have the knowledge to match the pot colors with the existing room color scheme and other surrounded things of the house interior. Plant pots give the best quality visual effect in the living room, with the help of matching the combination of pot and tree with the shape and design.

The Organized Look: It is always convenient to keep huge plant pots, when an individual is planning for planting large trees in the garden. The plants or trees planted in large pots get limited space to grow hence, growth of these plants become manageable to handle with appropriate sizes and shapes.

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