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Pony Racing 정보

My little pony's family fun pony race with lots of adventures.

Take part in exciting races with your favorite pony, run forward, jump, collect apples and other useful items. Take control of the pony and try to get to the finish line as fast as possible.

Find out exactly how fast you are in the Pony Racing game! Spike, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Applejack organized the race of a lifetime. You need to control your favorite characters and test your speed on a course through Ponyville. You need to help your friends work together and put each other's unique abilities to good use. If you manage to set the fastest time, you will receive one of the highest honors in the My Little Pony universe, the Crystal Crown. Do you think you have what it takes to successfully complete this task?

The first step of the game is to choose a team. You will be presented with three categories of ponies. Land ponies are quick and steady on their feet. Choose from the bubbly and outgoing Pinkie Pie and Applejack, with their down-to-earth spirit. Also, you need to choose a pegasus pony. Only they can fly through the sky, running up there. Choose between amiable animal lover Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash, an outgoing daredevil. Then you need to choose a magical unicorn and take advantage of its special abilities. Choose between elegant Rarity and Twilight Sparkle, the magical prodigy. When your dream team is complete, it's time to race!


Gameplay consists of using the arrow keys on the screen to jump, run and duck. Remember that each category of ponies has a different skill. Activate it by pressing the up or down arrow. Don't forget to avoid obstacles along the way! Each area you need to traverse has its unique set of challenges.

You will find a number of bonuses. Collect them to increase your performance. The stopwatch will improve your time. Check how much you have left by looking at the timer in the corner of the screen. Go through the hoops to get a speed boost. Make sure you find the golden ones as they will give you an extra speed buff. Collect red and golden apples to increase your speed and power. However, be sure to avoid the rotten ones! They will slow you down and affect your score.

Don't forget about the Alchemy bottles at the bottom of the screen. They allow you to unlock special magic within each of the ponies. For example, if you need a lake to freeze, use North Wind. Remember to click on the bottles if you need a magic boost!


To get started, you'll need to run your land pony. The course may seem quite simple at first, but you'll find out more about its challenges soon! Press the up arrow button to make Pinkie Pie or Applejack jump high. Be sure to use it to get through obstacles or through puddles.

The next level will take place among the clouds! Choose between Rainbow Dash or Fluttershy as the main hero of this adventure. Press the up arrow to dive into the storm clouds and discover new bonuses!

The third and final level consists of a race through a mysterious forest. Don't forget that mushrooms can act as stepping stones and even trees can move. Fortunately, your unicorn friend, Rarity or Twilight Sparkle, will be able to solve the forest's riddles! Click on the up to levitate bushes or rocks and reveal their secrets.

At the end of the game, your performance will be judged based on your final time. You will receive a title and an award, according to the number on the timer. Can you become a true Canter Star or are you stuck like a Prancing Pony? It's all up to you in this exciting game that will keep you glued to your phone!


- Internet connection required for the game to work;

- The game contains ads.

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Pony Racing 업데이트 요청 3.0

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Adem Arkaz

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Last updated on Nov 16, 2022


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