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Naruto : Ultimate Storm 아이콘

8.3 125 리뷰 by Tencent Mobile Games

Nov 8, 2023

Naruto : Ultimate Storm 정보


Explore the epic adventures of the greatest ninjas' world! All in the Naruto : Ultimate Storm.

Naruto: Ultimate Storm is a 3D Open-World Action RPG adapted from Naruto Shippuden anime. Cinematic Visuals and plot restoration of the Naruto Ninja World in your eyes.

In-game Benefits
Claim free login rewards to unlock free ninjas, collect gold coins and finish the rookie tasks.

Game Features:

Original Reproduction full adventure anime
The real Konoha scenes are unobstructed, the Chunin exam, the Sannin showdown, the recapture of Sasuke, the Battle of the End Valley... The classic fighting plots are relived one by one!

Ninjutsu fighting, Infinite & Endless Combos In Ultimate Ninja Storm
Strike to the bones with fists with each hero's trademark techniques! Rasengan, Multiple Shadow Clone, Chidori, Leaf Whirlwind, Flying Thunder God. Release the most powerful and classic techniques in one click

DEFEND KONOHA with your own Ninja squad
Summon legendary ninjas to fight, Konoha 12, The Sannin, Hidden Sand Ninjas, etc.

Invite friends for cooperation and Win PvP
Challenge the classic boss stage with friends to win Legendary Scrolls. Dozens of secret scroll skills can be chosen at will, and various strategies can help you dominate in the ninja world!

Take the Survival challenge and domination the ninja world
Pick the strongest ninja lineup, challenge all kinds of masters, and win rich exclusive rewards!

Real-time PK with the challenger in game
3V3 real-time duel, relying on the operation to impact the pinnacle of the ninja world!

Summoning Psychic Beasts with Powerful Summoning Technique
Ninja dogs, Gamabunta Toads, Blue Snakes, Ninja turtles, Enma (Monkey King)... The psychic beasts will shock and defeat your enemies on the whole screen in seconds!

Build Ninja organization - Open a new three-dimensional bond
Fight against the betrayals in story mode. Participate in large-scale guild battles, defend your homeland, compete for resources, and let the Xiao Organization surrender at your feet!

최신 버전의 새로운 기능

Last updated on Nov 8, 2023

Minor bug fixes and improvements. Install or update to the newest version to check it out!

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Tencent Mobile Games

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Android 5.1+

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Naruto : Ultimate Storm

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