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Juz amma anak bagian 2 : Welcome to Al Quran MP3 Full Application. All the Quran recitations on this App are free for download and spilling as mp3s.Now listen holy quran with beautiful voice.- ' Abasa audio- At-Takwir audio- Al-Infitar audio- At-Tatfif audio- Al-Inshiqaq audio- Al-Buruj audio- At-Tariq audio- Al-A'la audio- Al-Ghashiyah audio- Al-Fajr audio- Al-Balad audio- Ash-Shams audio- Al-Lail audio- Ad-Duha audio- Al-Inshirah audio- At-Tin audio- Al-'Alaq audio- Al-Qadr audio- Al-Bayyinah audio- Al-Zilzal audio- Al-'Adiyat audio- Al-Qari'ah audio- At-Takathur audio- Al-'Asr audio- Al-Humazah audio- Al-Fil audio- Al-Quraish audio- Al-Ma'un audio- Al-Kauthar audio- Al-Kafirun audio- An-Nasr audio- Al-Lahab audio- Al-Ikhlas audio- Al-Falaq audio- An-Nas audio
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