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このFree Dungeon Shooterについて



You are a real dungeon hunter, killing your monster in the dark dungeon, and you get all kinds of guns, pets and treasure. This is a special shooting game.

Living in a dungeon is not a simple thing. You need to constantly strengthen weapons and get more fierce pets such as dinosaurs, tigers, lions and Jaguars. As a monster hunter, in the dungeon, you have to face unknown monsters, zombies, evil boss, in order to survive, you must defeat them.

The place of attention in the dungeon:

1.The dungeon is divided into many areas and tombs. As the number of dungeons deepens, it will face the more ferocious monsters, and the survival is more and more difficult. The dungeon hunter must seize the aircraft and use the properties of various guns to match the shooting monster and save the bullets so that the monster can be defeated in the dungeon. You should also keep an eye on your pets. They help you hunt the monster, but they will become the prey of the monster.

2. the gate of the dungeon is circulatory. When you enter the dungeon again, the monster inside will be reset, and you need to continue to kill the monsters to gain money and experience, and to strengthen your guns and pets through money.

3. the achievement of monster hunter can achieve money, pets, guns and so on. Achievements include shooting zombies, shooting boss, shooting monsters, grading, clearance dungeons, etc.

4. guns are divided into several grades and need to be constantly replaced to match stronger monsters. The extended attributes of guns can be reset by diamond, and some properties have special functions. For example, there are elevate shooting monster experience, enhance defense power, improve shooting power, fire monster's money, shoot monster's damage, kill the monster's fatal rate, improve the speed of the role in the dungeon, and so on.

5. your pet is also a monster hunter, they will bring great damage to you, they also need to grow, hunting monster money can be upgraded for pets, lions, tigers, jaguars can be obtained in the game, dinosaurs need to be paid to get. For different monsters or zombies, different pets have different effects. These need to be found in the game.

6., when shooting a monster, pay attention to the range of the gun. Exceeding the range will reduce the damage to the monster, and the hit rate will also drop. When a monster is gathered together, do not rush to shoot. A wounded monster will summon more monsters to attack you. Special color monsters and Zombies represent elite monsters. They will drop rare treasures and guns.

7. when shooting zombies and monster owners, pay attention to the use of different firearms. Dungeons usually use C guns to shoot monsters and zombie bosses, and shoot ordinary zombies and monsters with class a guns.

Have a good time!

最新バージョン 1.0.14 の更新情報

Last updated on 2018年06月23日

updated game data.



Free Dungeon Shooter 更新を申請する 1.0.14




Mourad Ellyazidi

Android 要件

Android 4.2+