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The Japanese Koi, a variation of the common carp, originating from China is one of the most beautifully colored fish. The Japanese began breeding this fish in the 1820's and have developed some amazingly brilliant colors. The Japanese are still continuing in the process of evolving more variations of patterns and colors.

They are known to live for over two centuries and can grow in length to up to twenty four inches. The Koi are ornamental fish and are kept in large ponds due to their size. Japanese Koi Gardens have to be maintained properly so that they can retain their aesthetic appeal and also provide for a good environment for the fish to breed.

Since Koi fish can grow quite large, one has to make sure that the pond is big enough so that the fish can feed, breed, grow and move around freely. A crowded pond cannot be very nice for the fish. Another aspect you have to be very careful about is where to place the Koi pond in your garden. It is not advisable to place the pond directly under the sunlight as this may be harmful for the Koi. It is better to choose a more shady area, like near a tree for example. If you have the pond near a tree, you may have to spend more time cleaning it because it is possible that leaves and other debris might fall into the pond.

A lot of people who have gardens around the pond tend to use pesticides and other harmful sprays that may be detrimental to the Koi's health. This should be avoided completely.

It is said that Koi fish, being omnivorous, feed on plants as well. So when choosing plants for the pond one has to be careful to pick a variety that can survive the Koi fish. Plants that are not suited for a Koi pond will die soon and will have to be replaced causing more dirt to cloud up the water. It is said that watercress is a good option for a Koi fish pond because they can withstand the fish. Also, when placing plants in the pond, it is a good idea to have their roots ploughed down with heavy pebbles so that the fish cannot uproot and kill them.

There are a lot of embellishments one can put into a Koi garden. However, to add to the beauty of a Koi pond one should not risk the health of the fish. It makes sense to do some more research and perhaps get a professional to help when setting up a Koi garden for the first time before you get to be an expert yourself.

The very thought of having Japanese water gardens reflects tranquil moments. Perhaps you already have your Japanese Garden in place and now you are ready to add some finishing touches to it. There is no better way to do this then to introduce those magnificent and beautiful Koi fish to it. Many believe Koi to symbolize good luck which make adding the Koi fish to your Japanese Garden a big plus. The Japanese also understand the Koi Fish to be a symbol of friendship and love.

Koi fish have never been bred for the purpose of becoming a food staple. They are very much like a carp on a much smaller scale. Although the Japanese are well known as breeders of Koi, there are also magnificent Koi species being breed throughout various parts of Asia.

If you are wondering about the exquisite color patterns of the Koi you can thank the care that is taken during the breeding process. For Koi breeding is not something new on the horizon and actually dates back to the 1800's.

It's a great decision, to have Koi added to your Japanese water garden. In doing so though you have to realize that there is care and maintenance involved in this. Koi demand a clean living environment and if they are not supplied with this they will not survive. This means you must be filtering and cleaning the pond continuously. Be sure to inspect your filters regularly to ensure they have not become clogged. On a daily basis be sure to remove the debris such as leaves and grass that may have blown into the pond. If debris is left, it may help in the formation of types of algae.

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