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What kind of structures for your Japanese garden are most suited to you? That will depend on the type of garden you envision.

Will it be a stroll garden, a Japanese tea garden complete with tea house, perhaps a walled garden as is the case at Ryoan-ji in Japan.

The Japanese have long excelled at having very specific structures to suit a particular purpose. Take something as simple as a fence.

Garden fences in Japan may be made out of cedar wood, or bamboo canes, or even sections made up of bamboo cuttings tied together several inches thick. And they are not limited to the perimeter of a garden. Frequently, Japanese gardens are divided up into small sections, each of which is a garden unto itself. Gates will appear between sections in an imaginative variety of designs. Some with curved roofs overhead.

It is interesting to note that many of these fences are short lived, merely because of the materials from which they are made. It is normal in a Japanese garden for things to be renewed on a regular basis. Much as one is constantly doing minor pruning and cleanup on a daily basis, so the structures are renewed in a similar manner.

There are two very popular structures in common use in Japanese gardens, these being those graceful curved bridges and the tea house.

Both take a commensurate amount of skill to construct, and if they are to be truly authentic, the details should follow from the original style. This is not taken to mean that one is a slavish copy of another. Although in the case of a tea house, certain elements of design are expected and desired.

In recent years, small examples of bridges have become available commercially. While some look quite attractive, to my mind you now have to build your garden to fit the bridge, rather than the other way around.

The one small building I have found useful is a potting shed. I have commandeered what the Japanese call a machiai and used it for that purpose. It is a small structure, in this case about 7 by 10 feet, more than adequate for the job. The flavor is decidedly Japanese, with the curved roofline adding a certain attraction to the building.

The best thing that you can do for yourself is to find out, first of all, what size bridge you want. This will depend on the budget you have and the size of garden you have. Most of all the type of bridge you get depends on the theme you will have in your back or front yard. Will you have a pond under it? Will you have running water under it with fish swimming in? Will it be in the sun for long times, so you will have to know if you will be installing a cover in the yard the bridge will be going. There are many different types of garden bridges that you could choose from, there are wood bridges, wooden footbridges, landscaping bridges, pond bridges, foot bridges, wooden garden bridges, Japanese garden bridges, Japanese bridges, red wood garden bridges, curved rail bridges, short post bridges and so much more that you can choose from. If you are looking for a garden bridge it is very easy to get confused as to what you want to choose.

When you are looking to install a redwood bridge in your garden there are many things that you will have to take into account, like the weather for instance. Does it rain in your area a lot? Does the sun shine a lot? Will it be damp most of the time because you have a water feature in your back yard or even a running stream pond? Will you have a cover? This all answers how our wood will be treated. So before you make that first step to buying your garden foot bridge, you will have to do a lot of thinking

There is something about having a great garden. These days you will find that many gardens in the country keep getting smaller and smaller. The newer the house the smaller the garden, it is a fact in the real estate industry. If you want a big garden when you by a house it is most important that you by a house built years ago.

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